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Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, July 9 - 12: Gallery Walk, Peach Festival, Beethoven and More

There's a lot of magic to do in Dallas this weekend. If you find your calendar empty and you're craving a good time, dig in to our list of places to go, music to listen to, art to see. And go along your way.

Thursday, July 9 
Filarmónica Joven de Colombia (Colombian Youth Philharmonic)
When we think of music as an arbiter for change, we think of protest songs, folk singers, maybe rock concerts that benefit a social cause. Classical music doesn’t usually spring to mind when that comes up—but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful force when it comes to changing lives, and the Filarmónica Joven de Colombia (Colombian Youth Philharmonic) is a perfect example. The group was formed in 2010, giving kids between the ages of 16 and 24 the opportunity to develop as classical music performers and to reinvigorate and improve access to arts and culture in the diverse country of Colombia. The group strives to communicate messages of peace, inclusivity and community in their music, and they’ve been trekking across the globe as part of this quest, landing at the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Meyerson Symphony Center, 2301 Flora, for a performance at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. They’ll be featured as part of The Classical Criterion: An International Concert Series, and will perform pieces by Igor Stravinsky, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Dimitri Shostakovich under the direction of conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada. Tickets are $10 to $55 at -Jennifer Davis-Lamm

Pussy Poptimist Launch Party
Former Dallas Observer clubs editor Vanessa Quilantan plans to co-found a female-centric culture publication focused primarily, it appears, on music, which has long been her beat. It's likely to have a feminist, psuedo-Jezebel perspective on cultural topics. I'm predicting a lot of think piece-driven, critical analysis of the music world. Whatever it may turn out to be, the launch party is tonight at Off the Record with a panel of women in music featuring rapper/performer Sam Lao, Granada Theater employee Trang Nguyen, and Sandra Davalos, whose recent solo project is called moth face. Be there at 8 p.m. Thursday. -LS

Cheryl Finfrock: The Quiet Person's Chronicle
The dramatic scenarios in the paintings by Austin-based artist Cheryl Finfrock will likely feel right at home when they hang on the walls at the Magnolia Theatre. There's a tension in her work that turns the figures she paints into characters. The title of her show opening at 6 p.m. Thursday, The Quiet Person's Chronicle, infuses a story and a psychology into the pieces bringing them into a whole new life. See the work at the gallery space in the bar through August 15. More at

Every now and then, Dallas and Fort Worth come together. For the kids? Nope, for the arts. Screw the kids. This year it’s to co-present the Tony Award-winning musical Pippin, originally directed on Broadway by none other than THE Bob Fosse. The title characters, Pippin and his pops Charlemagne, are based on two real-life humans from the Middle Ages, but the history lesson pretty much ends there. In the lively, flick-kick-y production Pippin, our young prince is on a quest for “existential fulfillment.” While he wants to lead an extraordinary life, he soon learns that you can’t please all people all the time, so you might as well just make yourself happy. Sometimes that means giving up glitz and glamour and settling for something a little more simple. Of course, that parable is way more entertaining when supported by classic Fosse dance numbers, fluttering hands and costumes ga-freaking-lore. Catch Pippin at Music Hall at Fair Park at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. Tickets are $21-$98 at -Nikki Lott

Friday, July 10
Biennial:Origins in Geometry
The MADI Museum is a surprising space. A colorful building tucked into a corner of Uptown, it's one of the only spaces in the world dedicated to geometric art. You'll have your chance to check out the space from 5:30 -7:30 p.m. Friday at the opening reception for Biennial: Origins in Geometry, a juried competition dedicated to the emerging artists working in geometric reception. The exhibit will be open through October 6. -LS

Anthony Bourdain
Tony Bourdain is so very magnetic because he reminds you of a bad decision you once made. You know the one: biker jacket, band t-shirt, IDGAF attitude, adventures in spades. He’s the guy you sat next to at the bar, listening as he described exploit after exploit, wondering how he managed to fit all of that into his life when you were both given the same number of hours in a day. Things didn’t work out with that guy, as is wont to happen when bad decisions are involved, but he changed you a little. The same holds true with Tony—the admitted former hell-raiser has lived a life that’s madcap, chock full of global travels, exotic food, and imbued with a punk aesthetic that oozes out of his onscreen persona and writing. He can’t be tamed, though he mesmerizes—inspiring binge watching of his television shows and enthralling audiences on his speaking tours. Get your bad boy fix on his latest trek through Dallas, part of his 2015 North American Tour: he’ll be at The Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm Street, at 8 p.m. Friday. He’ll talk travel, food, life…and open it up for an audience Q&A. Not quite a barstool conversation but it will end better for you, no doubt. Tickets are $65 to $100 at -JDL

Bob Newhart
Traditionally, most people retire by age 65. But if you're anywhere near as talented as Bob Newhart, you'll likely still be working two more decades and killing it all the while. This TV legend has done is all, from the military to variety shows in contrasting decades to playing opposite of Will Ferrel in Elf. It all began with his standup. His shtick of being as the world's first solo straight man (not referring to his sexuality) where the humor stemmed from his reaction to absurd scenarios. An evening at Verizon Theatre (1001 Performance Place ) Friday will show just how his deadpan delivery has been aged, refined and perfected like the best of wines. For tickets as cheap as $35 to see a living legend, you better go to to get them while they last. -Lucas Buckels

Festival of Independent Theatres
If you want to know what’s happening on the fringes of the Dallas arts scene, you generally will have to scattershoot a little: DIY gallery show here, pop-up exhibit there. Piecing together performances and shows will certainly clue you in the artistic outliers and exciting up-and-comers, but at the 2015 Festival of Independent Theatres, you get a pretty good grasp of the cutting-edge work occurring outside the mainstream in Dallas all compiled and presented on one stage. The Bath House Cultural Center, 521 West Lawther, plays host to these fringe dramatists from Friday until Saturday, August 1, with four weeks of experimental, challenging, and eye-opening one act plays that run the proverbial gamut. You’ll see everything from dance to stand-up comedy to Renaissance-style sword fighting as you explore the offerings from local small theatre companies. Performances are presented in two-show blocks; tickets are $18, and festival passes can be purchased for $60 to $70. Visit for a complete schedule and to purchase tickets. -JDL

Beebo Brinker Chronicles
College is an interesting time for blooming young adults. You develop relationships that leave long-lasting impressions. Even with the longest time apart from some of the people you'd meet, those lovelorn memories still exist. After college, secret lovers, Laura and Beth, took two different roads; one started a family and the other went to New York. Pocket Sandwich Theatre presents the Beebo Brinker Chronicles, a sexy and witty rendition of Ann Gannon's lesbian pulp fiction novels of the 50's and 60's carry these post higher-education love woes through the web of Beebo Brinker's hurdles on July 10th (5400 E. Mockingbird Ln. #119) at 11:15pm. If you've already finished this season of Orange Is The New Black, or even if you haven't, here's some of the best original lesbian pulp fiction that's around. -LB

Vintage Martini Birthday Bash
The appeal of vintage is in both glamour and simplicity: it takes us to a place where we feel like things are easy and fun—where putting effort into things like pincurls and tiki parties was all it took to live the good life. Vintage is an escape, a stylish and enjoyable diversion from the world around us, and Vintage Martini, 2923 North Henderson, captures that spirit pretty effortlessly. If you’ve never been in the store, know that it’s retro wonderland chock full of couture fashion and quirky accessories. And, of course, a store that takes such great delight in acquiring and selling old-school Chanel and Pucci probably has some special insight on how to throw a throwback party that transports, sparkles and swings all at once. The Vintage Martini Back to the Beach Birthday Bash at 7 p.m. Friday does all of those things and more, taking partygoers way back to the uncomplicated days of beach blanket bingo and high waisted bikini bottoms with a celebration that’s all fruity drinks, vintage fashion, and swinging grooves from Matt Tolentino’s Singapore Slingers. Wear your retro beach best (and maybe win a prize for best costume) while you nosh on tasty treats from Mesero’s and sip on cocktails from Lakewood Medallion Discount Liquor. See for details. -JDL

Saturday, July 11
Dallas Gallery Day
It's not often enough that you can be assured nearly every gallery in town will have doors open and art on the walls. That's exactly why Dallas Gallery Day exists. Previously split into East and West, this year will be the first all-city version. If you've been looking for an excuse to stop by WAAS Gallery, Zhulong Gallery, Barry Whistler Gallery, The Public Trust or more than 25 others, dedicate a few hours between 1-8 p.m. Saturday. More at

#thinkspeak: Ira Glass
Ira Glass doesn't have your typical public radio voice. Which might be one of the reasons it's so recognizable. The host of This American Life, a weekly radio show with millions of listeners. But at 8 p.m. Saturday, Glass is combining dance and radio at the Winspear Opera House, 2403 Flora St. Part of the #thinkspeak summer speaker series, “3 Acts, 2 Dancers, 1 Radio Host” reimagines three radio interviews as elaborate dance pieces. While Glass reads his three stories, two dancers use their art form to add a visual component. They use every trick they have, making use of several props—even using their mouths to hold chairs over their heads. They also take cues from a sophisticated lightshow and make countless costume changes. The show opened last fall and will be appearing in dozens of cities throughout the year. Tickets are $35-$65 at 214-880-0202 or attpac. org. - Jeremy Hallock

Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot
When it comes to your Dallas Mavericks, the most recognizable face is Dirk Nowitzki. Hands down. That man with his shaggy blonde hair, nothing but net shots, and adorable German accent has become a bit of a legend in the NBA. This weekend , Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot, the story behind the man, the myth, the legend hits the big screen in his adopted hometown. See the film at various times through July 16 at the Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd. For full list of screening times and tickets visit -LS

Summer Boat Expo
Not sure if you noticed, but it rained a lot lately. Like a lot a lot. Like someone dumped an ocean out of the sky and it landed on all of us. It was a little redic, but there are some pretty big upsides like, one more reason to buy a boat!!! There has literally never been a better time to get in on the floating vessel game. But where could I ever find a boat, you probably just wondered aloud as if you were in an infomercial. Hold on to your water wings, Captain Stubing, there’s a boat show in town. It’s actually called the DFW Summer Boat Expo, it’s Friday through Sunday at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Fwy. All the major brands will be there Yamaha, Texas Mastercraft and Jerry Whittle Boats. Admission is free for anyone under 36 inches (so, babies?), $6 for kids and $12 for adults. Want to learn more? GO TO THE BOAT SHOW. -NL

Bruce Lee Webb Exhibition
If you're familiar with the work of Bruce Lee Webb, you're likely also familiar with the eponymous Webb Gallery in Waxahachie. If you're not, you should find your way to {neighborhood} this weekend. He paints with an eccentric, folk art perspective that is immediately goofy, a little eerie and fully likable. Chat up Webb at the opening reception from 7-9 p.m. Saturday; the store will be open for gallery day. More at -LS

Swelter, Summer Group Show
In keeping with the tradition of group shows in the summer, Kirk Hopper opens a show featuring a handful of artists who work with somewhat darker approaches, or as the press release described it, "an added edge of intensity and ominousness." The Dallas-based and regional artists featured in the show include Carlos Donjuan, Annette Lawrence, Ed Blackburn, Shayne Murphy, among others, along with a site-specific installation by Analise Minjarez and Sarita Westrup. The opening reception will take place at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, but the gallery will be open for Dallas Gallery Day. More at -LS

Parker County Peach Festival
It’s summer, which means that grocery store shelves are brimming with peaches. Sweet, juicy peaches, with tender skins and firm flesh that gushes like a river with the first bite. Well, not really. Most peaches you pick up in the grocery store fall short of the stone fruit of our dreams. Which is why the drive to Weatherford for the annual peach festival can be fully justified. Just think of the tarts, the salads and the salsas you can make with the delicious peaches you buy here. Or, you can pick up some of the ready-made treats like peach pies, peach ice cream and the like. There will also be arts and crafts, produce and food vendors lining the historic streets of downtown, not to mention the 26th Annual Peach Pedal Bike Ride, which will bring over 2,200 cyclists to the festival. Admission is only $5 for adults and free for children 12 and under. -Kathryn Debruler

Sunday, July 12
Basically Beethoven Festival
Sometimes bands will tour with three dates in each city and fans will be simultaneously hyped and torn over which show to see because each night they’re playing a classic album and, well, all the albums were their favorite. This is generally very “emo,” but it’s also usually an awesome experience for everyone involved, except those with wallets. In this case, the Fine Arts Chamber Players don’t make you pick between nights in a row: The Basically Beethoven festival spans over the Sunday afternoons in July, in the cush Dallas City Performance Hall, 2520 Flora St., so you can get your emo composer fix (c’mon, based on his work, Beethoven totally fits), plus a few extras without standing all night next to a loud speaker. Plus, the FACP know how to do classic-classical shows right. Not only do they feature a variety of pieces by Beethoven and other composers—some works are favorites, some soon to be—but they also feature a range of performers, keeping things fresh and exciting. Each concert begins at 2:30 p.m. with a Rising Star Recital (upcoming award winners), followed by a feature performance at 3 p.m. Sunday's feature is “Music for Two Pianos” performed by the Long Duo (sisters Christina and Beatrice Long) and featuring works of five composers—Ludwig included—as well as a rarely performed Schumann, “Andante and Variations.” No tickets or reservations are required, but visit for info on dates to come, or to make a donation. -Merritt Martin

Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party
YouTube is more than just a place where lonely people can post their video manifestos that might become evidence in a deposition someday and clips of extreme stopidity live on in perpetuity. It’s also a place that can have a direct impact on popular culture. A single video can earn millions of hits and singlehandedly change the course of what’s popular without ever having to go through a focus group or means testing to see if it will play to the hicks in the sticks. YouTuber Tyler Oakley has not only become one of YouTube’s most bubbly and popular personalities but he’s also been a great force for change on the medium and even the LGBT community as well as its growing acceptance with the rest of the world. That’s not bad for someone who just films vlogs from his bedroom. The YouTuber star his taking his bedroom on the road for a national tour called Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party and he’s making a stop in Dallas at 7 p.m., Sunday at the Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St., for an evening of games, stories and other surprises. Tickets start at $39.75 each and are available at -Danny Gallagher
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