Denton's Zanzibar Snails Gets Wired

Denton's Zanzibar Snails Gets Wired

Denton noisemakers Zanzibar Snails got quite a nice write-up in The Wire, a U.K. magazine specializing in avant garde music.

In his review of their Krakkatowiak 3” CD on Mayyrh, Byron Coley called the band “one of the region’s more interesting units” (heh) and compared its sound to The Dead C and Paul Flaherty.

In case you’ve let your subscription lapse, following the jump is the complete review, at least according to the Snails’ Michael Chamy. (The review isn’t online and I don’t have a hard copy, so he could be making the whole thing up for all I know. After all, he is a former Dallas Observer music writer.)

From Denton, the past home of Texas’s space rock programme, The Zanzibar Snails have emerged as one of the region’s more interesting units over the past couple of years. They appear as a quartet here, using feedback, sax, electronics and percussion to create an extremely neat kind of racket. The feel is akin to The Dead C jamming with Paul Flaherty, and you’d have to agree, that’s a good goddamn feel. --Byron Coley

You can see if you agree in a couple weeks, when Zanzibar Snails performs on Saturday, July 19, at Hailey’s and Tuesday, July 22, at Rubber Gloves. --Jesse Hughey

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