The Quarterback's Girlfriend

You remember Cowboys-Eagles, December 2006, right? No? Here's your complete recap, most notably: Tony Romo goes 14 for 29, adding up to 142 yards, one touchdown and two picks. And one singing girlfriend, sitting in a Texas Stadium box. Which was bad, but not as bad as 13 for 36, resulting in 214 yards, zero TDs and three interceptions. And one direct-to-video girlfriend, sitting in a Texas Stadium box. I totally know what I'm getting Romo for Christmas: a DVD of this 1985 Hal Ashby-Neil Simon classic, starring Michael O'Keefe as Tony Romo and Rebecca De Mornay as Jessica Simpson. And Brad Nessler as himself. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Unfair Park's oldest Friend thinks I got my film references wrong: "Romo reminds me of Robert Redford in The Natural, with Jessica Simpson playing Kim Basinger and Joe Simpson playing the evil gambler." Fair enough, though wouldn't Simpson be Barbara Hershey in that scenario?

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