All Roads Lead to Foote

Poor Southern belles always have all the problems. The women in Horton Foote's plays are no different, usually encountering more drama than domestic bliss, and even a Mint Julep can't cure their woes. Foote's The Roads to Home, a series of one-act plays, is a glimpse into the lives of Southern women whose daily troubles include adultery and confinement in an asylum. Like many of Foote's characters, both Annie and her friend Mabel are from Harrison but have adjusted to life in the big city. In the first two plays, A Nightingale and The Dearest of Friends, marital and familial problems are the central issues facing the women. When the curtain opens on Spring Dance, the final installment in the series, the women's domestic problems seem inconsequential when compared to Annie's situation. She is confined in an asylum with two former Harrison residents and suppresses her fears by retreating into an imaginary world. In world without hope, she creates a world within herself that offers the peace she desperately needs. Find The Roads to Home--part of the Foote Festival continuing through May--at Theatre Three, 2800 Routh St., Suite 168. Performances continue through May 7. Tickets are $10 to $40. For tickets and showtimes, call 214-871-3300 or visit
Mondays, Thursdays-Sundays, 2:30, 7:30 & 8 p.m.; Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: April 7. Continues through May 7, 2011
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