Crispin Glover's Coming to the Texas Theatre in July. Bringing a Movie. And a Slide Show.

On the other side is the trailer for Crispin Glover's What Is It?, Part One of his so-called "It" trilogy and an altogether unpleasant experience -- and one entirely unsafe for the workplace. Which I mention only because the Texas Theatre has just announced that on July 15, the man with the most eclectic filmography in the history of celluloid will stop by the Oak Cliff landmark. And do what, exactly? The word "slideshow" is used. As in:

We are incredibly excited to announce that we'll be hosting Crispin Glover as he passes through Texas doing a slideshow and then showing his film "WHAT IS IT? " - He'll be available to sign books and chat with fans after the show as well! This will be one of those nights for the history books! DO NOT MISS!!! Tickets will go on sale in the coming days.

I once spent some time with Glover at a Texas Film Hall of Fame after-party -- he went to high school with an old friend of mine, who'd also gone to the party. She introduced Glover to Ann Richards, and he could not have been sweeter to the former governor. Didn't try to kick her in the head once.

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