A walk in the park. For $2.EXPAND
A walk in the park. For $2.
Kathy Tran

If You Can Brave The Heat, The Dallas Arboretum Is Offering $2 Admission

The weather forecast for Aug. 1 is a high of 94 degrees, which honestly isn't that bad. Bad is 100 degrees. Really bad is 105 degrees. Just-end-all-things bad is 110 degrees. Ninety-four degrees is a walk in the park.

Speaking of walk in the park, take one. Vitamin D, which we hear comes from the sun, is good for you. Make that park the Dallas Arboretum. And make that walk a skip because it's 94 freakin' degrees and that deserves a celebration.

The Dallas Arboretum is offering $2 admission for the month of August. And because August is historically the worst month of the year — because of the weather and because it contains no federal holiday — take what you can get and what you can get is this.

The deal also includes $5 parking, which you cannot beat, and $2 admission to the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden, which means you pay $2 to entertain your child. The heat will make them tired and the cheap admission price will make you happy.

Also, there will be budget-friendly menu items, including $1 sodas, juice and frozen pops; $2 root beer floats and hotdogs; and $4 brownie sundaes.

Do you understand? It's cheeeeeeaaaaap. It's vitamin Deeeeeeee.

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