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Under the Knife: Q&A on Dallas Plastic Surgery Trends

People travel from all over for #boobsbydeubs
People travel from all over for #boobsbydeubs courtesy Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

Thinking about going under the knife or simply receiving some pokes with injectables? We sat down with two of Dallas’ busiest plastic surgeons to get the scoop on the latest Dallas trends. Dr. Michael Lee is affiliated with Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery, and you may recognize Dr. Mark Deuber from Bravo's The Real Housewives of Dallas. He, along with his wife, Cary Deuber, own and operate Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

There are so many cosmetic procedures we’ve probably never heard of. How do you keep up with emerging trends?
Dr. Lee: You are correct about the abundance of new trends in plastic surgery. Emerging techniques and modern technologies are introduced almost daily. A major issue is that in many situations the marketing is ahead of the research. Procedures that may be problematic aren’t properly studied beforehand, subsequently putting patients at risk. For this reason, most surgeons try to avoid unusual or fad procedures until legitimate science is provided.

What’s an example of marketing leading research?
Dr. Lee: A current example of this would be the thread lift face-lift. Marketed to lift the face without surgery, this procedure uses needles to pass threads under the skin and into the deeper tissue. As a member of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal editorial board, I have reviewed several articles regarding this technique and have yet to see any significant data regarding its success. However, I have seen infected threads and streaking along the cheeks. Doing the most recent procedures does not always mean taking the best care of patients.

Any technology new to the Dallas plastic surgery scene?
Dr. Deuber: I am excited about a new technology that we are bringing to our practice. It is called EMSCULPT®. This is the only device on the market that builds muscle, while burning fat to sculpt the body. This is a non-invasive device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology inducing supra maximal muscle contractions. These are not achievable by voluntary contractions. The device is used on your abdominal muscles and buttocks. It is a 30-minute treatment per area with a minimum of four sessions, spread out over the course of a month.

Is there an uptick in any new plastic surgery trends?
Dr. Lee: In a world where there is minimal tolerance for downtime, we are constantly looking for nonsurgical modalities that can deliver results. Radiofrequency energy has gained recent popularity in this area. Though not a new technology, current developments are allowing a less invasive way to tighten skin and even restore the vaginal wall. The question is whether these procedures can deliver long-term results.
click to enlarge Dr. Lee doesn't believe all procedures are safe. - COURTESY DR. MICHAEL LEE
Dr. Lee doesn't believe all procedures are safe.
courtesy Dr. Michael Lee
What is the most popular surgery request you receive at your practice?
Cary Deuber: Dr. Deuber is definitely the breast man. #Boobsbydeubs is our most requested surgery. That would include breast augmentation, lift and reduction. We do a 24-hour recovery, meaning you are out to dinner that night and driving the next day. Our patients take Motrin after surgery and generally need nothing stronger. Some of our patients are from Dallas-Fort Worth, but many are out-of-town patients that fly in to have surgery in Dallas with Dr. Deuber.

Dr. Lee: With the popularity of fillers and fat injections to the face, there seems to be a general concern from patients about looking overfilled. Too much volume in the cheeks can create an unnatural done look. As a result, I see many patients interested in the High SMAS facelift. This technique focuses on repositioning the natural cheek instead of using fat or filler to create additional bulk. We see the overfilled look in many of today’s celebrities where it instantly divulges that work has been done. My practice being in Highland Park means most of my patients want a more natural look with their rejuvenation.

Any non-invasive trends you're seeing?
Dr. Deuber: The biggest nonsurgical trend in our practice is the nonsurgical facelift. We use lasers and energy-based modalities, platelet rich plasma, growth factors and fillers. This is a fantastic option for patients that don’t need or don’t want a facelift. We provide these treatments under oral sedation or under general anesthesia. Recovery is generally a week.

It seems that filler is all the rage. Where are Dallasites using injectable filler?
Dr. Lee: Filler is being injected into almost every conceivable site these days. While lips remain the most common in younger patients, there also seems to be growing popularity for the area under the eyes. This region is often the first to show signs of aging and can give a tired appearance. While conservative placement of filler can be helpful, injecting in this area is not without risk. Among the most concerning complications associated with filler under the eyes are nodules, a blueish discoloration of the skin, and even blindness in rare circumstances. The surgical procedure to rejuvenate the eye (blepharoplasty) involves repositioning and smoothing the fat in this area and tightening up the muscle when necessary. While fillers may provide some relief, surgery remains the gold standard.
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