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Oh, Behave! Dallas Is Getting an Austin Powers Pop-Up At the Whippersnapper

Calling all fem-bots and men of mystery. Find your mojo at The Whip with the Dallas bar's Austin Powers-themed pop-up in February.
Calling all fem-bots and men of mystery. Find your mojo at The Whip with the Dallas bar's Austin Powers-themed pop-up in February. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty
Yeah, baby. The Whippersnapper keeps giving us reasons to leave Dry January behind us and get to a bar.

A few years ago, the Dallas bar started a tradition of temporarily transforming its space and menu to celebrate a theme. The Whip's past pop-ups have paid homage to Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, Friends and The Office, among others.

Now it's getting randy with an Austin Powers theme. Starting on Feb. 9, the bar will be known as the "Electric Shagadelic Pussycat Swingers Club" and will have DJ nights, photo ops and a costume party. Visitors are encouraged to dress up in their grooviest swinging '60s best to celebrate the film comedy series starring Mike Myers.

The Austin Powers trilogy (released between 1997 and 2002) spoofed spy films such as the 007 franchise and starred just about everyone from Tim Robbins to Beyoncé. It also gave us catchphrases like "I've had bigger chunks of corn in mah crap" that held us up until the invention of memes.

The Knox/Henderson bar, at 1806 McMillan Ave., will be celebrating its seventh anniversary on Feb. 17, and reservations for that event can be made on the Whippersnapper's website. The bar, which is open for guests ages 21 every Wednesday through Saturday from 6 p.m to 2 a.m., is owned by This & That Hospitality, which also owns the newly opened club Double Ds ("This is not a titty bar"), as well as Tiny Victories and Ferris Wheelers, among others.

“This Austin Powers-themed pop-up will raise the bar for photo opps, interactive experiences and just plain fun,” said This & That Hospitality co-founder Phil Schanbaum in a press release on Wednesday. “The movie was iconic, spawning a pair of equally hilarious sequels. It’s always been one of my favorite movies, so I can’t wait to see everyone bring their best mojo to The Whip next month!”

The drinks at the pop-up will include the "Freaking Laser Beam" (don't they mean "laser"?) and "Goldmember." No "mojo" mojitos, really.

And the menu includes the "Get in My Belly" burger and the "Mini Me," which comes with a choice of fries or tater tots. The "Mama Cass" is surprisingly not a ham sandwich but a turkey club.

Just to be safe, we won't be ordering any coffee. Just in case it's a bit nutty.
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