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DIFF Guide For Monday, April 16: Our Must-See Picks

Are you a die-hard, complete immersion festie? Did you take the week off of work so that you'd be able to see all of these great movies? We salute you. Whether you're planted in those seats from beginning to end, or just catching what you can this evening, we've got our picks for today's flicks. Just click the films' titles for more information.

1:30 (Magnolia 4) Mariachi Gringo (Sometimes you find the real you in the least likely place -- that's what happens to Edward, anyway. He discovers mariachi music, runs off to Mexico and joins a band. )

4:30 (Angelika 8) The Imposter (Everyone's talking about this crazy thriller, but we can't give anything away. You'll have to take a faith leap on this one.) or 5:00 (Angelika 7) America's Parking Lot (Spoiler alert: There's a Wilonsky cameo in this documentary about the final days of Texas Stadium.)

7:30 (Magnolia 5) Let Me Out (Who doesn't love a feel-good zombie flick out of South Korea?) or 7:15 (Angelika 7) Animation Competition (Sure, you don't know exactly what you're going to get in an animation competition, but I've never been angry at 74 minutes of cartoons.)

Dinner break, or catch Documentary Shorts at 9:15 p.m. at (Angelika 7).

9:45 (Angelika 8) Andrew Bird: Fever Year (This documentary follows around musician Andrew Bird and his relentless touring schedule.) or 10:00 (Angelika 6) Maya (This Albanian drama focuses on the unraveling of time-honored traditions and principles when outside influences creep into a once tight-knit community.)

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