Economy in Ye Dumps? The Texas Renaissance Festival is Hiring.

You realize you'll have to work your way up in the corporate sector until you advance through the chain of operations. Who knew that the same rules apply at the Texas Renaissance Festival? They're holding a job "faire" on August 11 and 12, in search of seasonal help. No, you won't be jousting. You won't perform comedy. You won't get to be the centaur. You'll be selling mead in chalices (bring proof of TABC, those same booze laws apply in ye enchanted woods), peddling various wares and probably talking smack about the knights. (They get all of the wenches.)

If hired, you might be able to advance into the showier elements of the event: Ren Fest's organizers assured us that some initially brought in to tend vendor shoppes later become part of the actual performance. It would be liberating to put "Quickly advanced from Bloke to Gypsy" on your resume. The positions are short-lived; the festival's six week run is October 6 to November 25.

Going "method" with the interview will serve you well, according to Jennifer Gosché, director of PR and media for the event. "Everyone is expected to speak the Queen's English, so they should follow the time period and drop in a few 'M'Lords' and 'M'Ladys.'" And while time period garb is required come October, applicants shouldn't underestimate comfortable clothing for the interview itself. "I wouldn't recommend wearing armor," said Gosché, "it will be hot out."

Applicants must bring two forms of identification, TABC Certification (if applicable) and their own drinks and snacks. (No booze, even if your goal is "village drunk.") Interviews begin at 9 a.m. sharp and will be heldon location the weekend of August 11 and 12. You might be waiting between two and four hours -- shorts are permitted.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.