Falling In Love with Fall Fashion, Part Two: Bridget Boggess, Tootsies and Dress Marie

After starting our fall fashion series off by interviewing Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director of Neiman Marcus stores (and recent guest star on the Rachel Zoe Project), we thought about how fall fashion trends would apply to us here in Dallas.

We solicited the help of a local fashionista pro in order to find out what Dallasites should be (or shouldn't be) wearing this fall. In return, we not only got additional foresight into this fall's fashions, but some sage shopping advice, as well.

What is your name and what are your fashionista credentials? Bridget Boggess. Concierge at Tootsies and Wardrobe Stylist at Dress Marie.

If there's a fashion theme for this fall, what would it be? Fashion theme for fall, I believe, would be extravagance with a '70s feel -- think wide legs, fur, and leather.

Where is Dallas in regards to trends compared to other big cities? Dallas has always been a very trendy city. We don't necessarily start the trends but we always pick up on them!

What are the fashion trends for both men and women this fall? Definitely a '70s nod. For both men and women you will see wider legs, burnt orange red and yellow colors and lots of leather.

What should we be seeing in regards to accessories, footwear and outerwear? Footwear is varied but you will see a lot of glitter, chunky heels and deep red colored pumps, bold gold for accessories and external pockets on outerwear.

If you could suggest three items for the Dallas woman to buy this fall, what would they be? A Celine handbag, merlot colored-pumps, and a fabulous pair of wide-legged pants.

What do you find is the biggest fashion faux pas in this city? I would say biggest faux pas period is Dallasites not knowing how to dress for their body type. So important! Just because a trend works for someone doesn't mean it will work for you. Know your best looks and stick to them season after season!

Where do you suggest in Dallas to shop for this fall's looks? To splurge on women's looks, Tootsie's and VOD. For menswear, H&M men and Barney's. I also like Zara for men shopping on a budget.

Do you have a favorite shopping secret in Dallas? Vintage Martini in downtown Carrollton. There are amazing one-of-a-kind pieces and designer resales.

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