Farm to Market

Several new Dallas-area restaurants offer organic and locally produced menu items in an appeal to environment...and health-conscious diners. It seems like "locavores" are growing in number everywhere in the United States--even in Dallas, despite its conservative political bent and prominent placement on annual "America's Fattest Cities" lists. Unfortunately, the locavore movement faces major hurdles as food-safety acts making their way through Congress would impose regulations that would disproportionately hurt small-scale producers. Hopefully, lawmakers will realize the folly of threatening family farms with absurdly high fines for such offenses as failing to maintain a complete list of customers. I sure don't want my name on a list for buying a roadside watermelon. Until then, First Sunday Organic Farmer's Market offers local and organic meat and produce at North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Road. Call 214-363-5316 or visit for information.
Sun., April 5, 2009
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Jesse Hyde
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