If You Wanna Get Laid in Dallas, Don't Wear All-Natural Deodorant
Courtesy Hater

If You Wanna Get Laid in Dallas, Don't Wear All-Natural Deodorant

People who hate together, stay together.

Or something like that. At least that's what Hater, the dating app that connects people based on things they hate, hopes. Hater, which launched in 2016, got a deal with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

Hater has about 10,000 users in Dallas, and according to a representative of the app, Dallas users hate some oddly specific traits: tipping less than 15 percent, all-natural deodorant and people who live off their parents.

So Dallas hates Austin?

You can sign up for the app through Facebook or using your phone number. Then you get to responding to topics — like people who don't signal, Skrillex, the government, etc. You can swipe left if you hate it, swipe right if you love it or simply tap if you're neutral. Once you've swiped on enough things, the app will let you see matches who agree on things you hate. From there, you can see the full list of someone's hates and loves and then swipe left or right on the person.

But whatever you do, Dallasites, swipe left on that all-natural deodorant. Even if it means you'll eventually die of deodorant-related cancer, at least you'll get laid.

Keep Dallas pretentious.

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