How Michael Morpurgo's War Horse Went from Failure to Broadway to Movie Screens to the Winspear

There used to be a family joke in the Morpurgo farmhouse in Devon, England. Whenever the phone would ring at odd hours or during a meal, dad Michael, author of more than 100 children's books, or his wife Clare or one of their kids would say, "Answer it. It might be Stephen Spielberg."

Then one day, it was.

Morpurgo wrote the book War Horse, which later became the hit play adapted by Nick Stafford for a production by the National Theatre of Great Britain and South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company. The National Theatre's 20-city American tour arrives at the Winspear Opera House September 13 for a two-week run. Individual tickets went on sale today.

War Horse is the story of a young horse, Joey, sold by a farmer to the British cavalry at the start of World War I. Albert, the boy who raised Joey, is too young to enlist, but he sets out on a quest to find his beloved horse on the battlefields of France and bring him home. The book is told from the horse's point of view. More than 1 million horses died in battle in the Great War. Joey serves on the English and German sides.

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Elaine Liner
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