It's Dream Time

Here's a tried-and-true fact—every girl in America (including myself), will always love Jake Ryan. Damn that Sammy Baker Davis Jr. girl. In the real world, she never would have ended up with such a hottie, but you believed it could happen in Sixteen Candles. While honored with the title of Master of the Beloved '80s Teen Movie, Sixteen Candles director John Hughes was never rightfully credited with his other specialty: flat-out fantasy. See, in any real American high school, Jake Ryan would never have given Sam a chance, and there's no way in hell a prom queen would ever hook up with a little geek like Anthony Michael Hall. But leave it to the master to convince us that this magical make-believe world could actually exist, if only for two hours. It's a world where a shy girl would give you her underwear just so you could win a bet, or where the only person who makes fun of a foreign exchange student's punny name is a dorky little brother. Spend the night in dreamland with Inwood Theatre's Midnight Madness series convincing you, once again, that any normal girl can snag a guy in a Porsche. Tickets are $8 for the Friday and Saturday showings at the Inwood Theater, 5458 W. Lovers Lane at Inwood Road. Call 214-764-9106.
Sat., March 18, midnight; Sun., March 19, midnight
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Jennifer Medina