16 Witch Shops For All Your Metaphysical Needs in North Texas

Tap into your inner Samantha Stephens at the best witch shops in DFW.
Tap into your inner Samantha Stephens at the best witch shops in DFW. Roger Welch
Witchcraft means different things to different people: It can be a form of self-care, a meditative practice or a means to self-expression. With the pandemic rise of mysticism, it’s no surprise that there's an increase in metaphysical shopping. People are turning  to crystals and candles to find answers and their wanted outcomes, whether it’s for love, wealth, world peace or more TikTok followers. Here are 15 witch shops in North Texas that will give you the tools to tap into the power of manifesting.

SoulTopia Holistic Boutique
3414 Midcourt Road, Suite 100, Carrolton
900 W. Davis St.
7004 Lebanon Road, Suite 106, Frisco

SoulTopia is a well-known name in the metaphysical community. The store has several locations that offer a variety of classes, workshops and daily readings. Their community gatherings include moon rituals, healing circles, candle-making classes, aura photography and lessons on astrology and tarot readings. Every month, they also offer a psychic fair at all locations. The owners are the husband and wife duo of Roger and Michelle Welch, who are dedicated to educating and assisting people on their path to happiness and healing. For more events that they post, follow their Instagram page @soultopia or visit

Luna Metaphysical
443 Davis St.

This shop opened in February, and owners Iris Sanchez and Irvin Garza started out selling crystals from their Volkswagen van and are excited to finally be working in a store front in Bishop Arts.  They chose the name Luna because of their Mexican heritage. According to the couple, the crystals are 100% ethically sourced.

“We wanted our crystals to be of higher quality, but yet still affordable,” Iris Garza says. “We wanted our shop to be different and showcase large, rare stones that have never been seen in person before.” They also sell a smaller selection of candles, incense, books and tarot cards. They are in the process of remodeling the upstairs building and transitioning it into a place for yoga and tarot readings. Check out their Instagram page @lunametaphysical or visit
Silver Pyramid
101 S. Coit Road, Suite 102, Richardson
If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start with crystals, Silver Pyramid has all of your answers. The shop has no shortage of crystals and the staff is knowledgeable, offering a wide selection of raw and tumbled stones, gemstone jewelry and large pieces such as amethyst wings. They also carry a variety of antique Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, selenite wands and sage bundles, plus candle kits, oils and herbs to help manifest your prayers and desires. For the curious novices, they offer plenty of books and classes in subjects such as astrology, pendulum use, chakra balancing and crystal mapping. Manager Sheryl Baird says that what makes the shop unique is that they are the only store to carry hand-rolled incense from India, so be sure to pick one up while you’re there. Follow their Instagram @silverpyramiddfw or visit

Hearth Wisdom Store

2899 W. Pioneer Parkway, Pantego
Black-owned and operated since 2015, this shop was founded by High Priestess Mamba MiRah, who wants to help people discover and ignite the gifts that are within them. Her oils are made in-house, and they can be dressed on candles if a customer requests it. The shop also offers virtual shopping, which means customers can have a team member show them around the store via Zoom. Their classes are hybrid, either in-person or virtual, and affordable because Mamba MiRah wants them to be easily accessible to the community.

“Our mission is to help you as an individual to practice the best spiritual path for you, so we make sure that we are providing the advice and resources that are reflective and inclusive to everyone,” Mamba MiRah says. To learn more about the classes, follow their Instagram page @hearthwisdom or visit
Miracles of Joy
701 S. Old Orchard Lane, Suite C. Lewisville

Miracles of Joy has been in business for 16 years and has pagans who can dress, empower and enchant a candle for a customer. The staff here is also intuitive, so they immediately know what to recommend from a wide selection of herbs, customized oils and crystals to easily start a spell. There also offer over 40 different classes and workshops, including mediumship, psychic development, channeling and tarot readings everyday. Owner Joy Kaus says Ghost Adventure’s Patti Negri (who also appeared on Lilly Singh's show), a notable Hollywood witch, will be coming into the shop in April as a guest speaker. Follow their Instagram page @miraclesofjoy or visit

Prana Haven

107 McKinney St., Richardson
Family-owned and operated by mother and daughter Teri and Alexandra Finn, Prana Haven is a smaller, boutique shop that sells a variety of crystals, handmade and fair-trade gemstones bracelets, rings and earrings. If you’re looking to shop for some metaphysical supplies while grabbing some new accessories to wear, this would be the perfect place. They offer candles, essential oils and classes to assist people on their spiritual path. They also host psychic fairs every month. Make sure to book a reading with the co-owner Alexandra, who is highly intuitive. Follow their Instagram page @prana_haven or visit

Metaphysical RX

7616 Thistle Lane, Dallas
Metaphysical RX is truly a one-of-a-kind shop. This is the only witch shop on the list that doesn’t have a store front, but that will change this year. The owners are in the process of finding a forever home in Dallas for their business, which is family-owned and operated by Shelby and John Durkin and their son Jack and daughter Sophie out of their front yard. That's where they sell custom, loose leaf teas with at least 6-10 different herbs inside the bag to manifest wishes. They also have gemstone bracelets and necklaces and none of the crystals that they sell are manmade. The stones they have are in raw form. Shelby makes customized tea light candles for self-love, grounding, fertility, prosperity, luck, courage and protection. She also makes intention jars, which are dressed with herbs, spices and crystals. To check out their work, go to their Instagram page @metaphysical.rx or visit
Spiritually Delighted
1318 E. Belt Line Road, Carrollton
Aside from the usual things that a metaphysical shop has, owner Adriana Rodriguez also customizes aroma therapy spell jars, oils and candles for customers. Her main candles include “empowerment/psychic wisdom,” “harmony/peace/love” and “abundance/prosperity/wealth,” all of which are dressed with her own oils and herbs that she makes in-house. The shop's manifestation jars have crystals on top of their lids, to boost intentions and desires. The rose quartz jar is one of the most popular and supposedly helps to manifest self-love and romance. Rodriguez also makes colorful smudging fans and crystal wands to cleanse spaces and auras. To check out her beautifully crafted her supplies are, check out her Instagram @spirituallydelightedtreasures.
Crown Jewel Healing Stones & Home Décor
1430 Dragon St., Suite 5, Dallas
If you’re looking for some Instagrammable photo ops, this shop has plenty, with colorful crystals, pink couches and neon sign wall décor. Owner Bridget Kastl also offers items that most witch shops don’t currently have in stock. Kastl says that one day she asked the universe to show her a sign of her path. She then saw a massive amethyst coffee table and 6 foot-tall quartz entryway at North Park Mall, and knew immediately that she had to start a crystal shop and home décor business. She now offers services to source and deliver large crystal pieces of furniture, such as tables and bathtubs, to customers.

In the back, they also have a fluorescent show room, and you can see UV-reactive crystals that glow in the dark. Customers can also meditate or rent some time on their heated gemstone mats. Their unique products include wine droppers, which have a crystal inside to improves the pH of the water or wine, and gem stones and crystals made specifically for nails that customers can take to their next nail salon appointment. They also throw vision board parties, where people can make manifestation boards. Lastly, don’t forget to pick up a holy water room spray, which has crystals and sage in it. To check out this pretty metaphysical shop, go to @crownjewelhealingstones and visit

Tarot and Tea (By appointment only)

6130 Alma Road, Suite 4, McKinney
In order to shop at Tarot and Tea, you must book an appointment, and no, it is not inside a home, but in a legitimate office space. Owner Azmina Pirani intended the shop to be in a smaller, intimate setting. She is known for her fertility readings, and customers will ask her to predict pregnancies, certain dates and timelines. If getting a tarot reading isn’t in your alley, the shop also has a numerologist, rune reader and reiki healer.

At Tarot and Tea, everything is handmade, customized and done by Pirani herself. Her candles, “Rich Witch,” “Bad Ass Witch,” “Love Potion” and “Sacred Smudge” are popular because they're beautifully dressed with either glitter, rose petals, spices or herbs. She also creates her own mist bottles for protection, manifestation, healing and happiness. They also carry 19 different oils and Pirani even makes her own ritual soaps for money drawing, relaxation and sleep or hex removal. She teaches classes as well, such as how to use oils, how to cleanse your aura and how to manifest. If you can’t make the drive to McKinney, she is at the Dallas Farmer’s Market on the weekends as a vendor or you can catch her selling some items at The Boardwalk at Granite Park in Plano. Check out her Instagram @tarotteafrisco or visit

Earth Goddess Apothecary and Holistic Health Store

713 Main St., Suite A, Garland
Garland also has a lone metaphysical shop. Since it’s in downtown, the shop is centrally located and after shopping, there will be plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. Earth Goddess Apothecary is family-owned by a mom and daughter duo, Felicia Burns and Brenda White. This is not like your ordinary metaphysical shop, since they carry exactly what their name entails: holistic products and herbal teas. Here, they have essential oils, natural skincare, a custom perfume bar and organic bath bombs. For your metaphysical needs, they carry herbs by the ounce, incense, crystals, pendulums, tarot and oracle cards and smudge sticks and cleansing sprays that come with a pendant. When browsing, don’t forget that you can also get a free green tea to go. To see their beautiful shop, visit their Instagram page @earthgoddessapothecary or visit

Enchanted Forest
6619 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth
Enchanted Forest is one of the oldest metaphysical and witch shops in DFW and one of the most popular. If you want to stock up on some witch supplies, this is the perfect place; the large store carries everything. Owner James Walker says he always intended his place to be open for all spiritual paths, so you’ll find a variety of books, crystals, tarot cards and herbs catering to all magical and religious beliefs. They also offer services in massage therapy, chakra clearing and energy balancing. To find out more about the events they host, visit them on Facebook @Enchanted Forest Metaphysical Shoppe or visit
Maven’s Moon Apothecary
1111 Roberts Cut Off Road, River Oaks

If you’re truly looking for a magical place that has it all, it’s at Maven’s Moon. Many Dallasites make the drive to River Oaks just to see the owner, Lady Maven. At this 1940s cottage-now-witch-shop, they always provide complimentary snacks, a glass of wine or a cup of tea. This isn’t your typical metaphysical shop, but a massage studio, barber shop and a healing center all in one place. The healing center offers services such as facials, body wraps and spa treatments. You can also get a pedicure in the copper bowl tubs while you light a candle and think about your prayers and intentions. If it’s your first time, you can also get a free incense stick. When you first walk in, there are pieces of paper for visitors to write down their fears and worries, leave offerings and release them in the fireplace. There are also apothecary jars and vintage clothing down the hall, a library and art and tarot rooms. Here, you must take your time and relax outside in the community “fairy” garden. Look out for the therapy chickens while you’re out there, too. Other items for sale include hand-made jewelry, bath salts for protection and astral dreaming, enchanted candles for love, money and spiritual awakening. Want to make a customized candle? Maven has plenty of oils, and a “witch’s wheel” full of herbs that can be used for spell work, loose leaf smudging, baths and teas. She also offers chakra balancing for $55, where you will get an hour of cleansing, sage-infused steam therapy, reiki or, a past life reading. Go to her Instagram @mavens_moon or visit

Bewitched Denton

529 Bryan St., Denton

The first and only metaphysical shop in Denton, this is a great place for college students to shop for witch supplies. Bewitched was named the “best shop to get metaphysical,” in the Dallas Observer's Best Of Dallas issue just last year. Owned by married couple Fara and Kasey Francis-Eusea, the place is LGBTQ+ friendly, and they take pride in being a queer-owned witch shop. At Bewitched Denton, you won’t find any sage since the ladies say it is cultural appropriation. Instead, they offer Florida water, herbs, incense, protection sprays and smoke wands to cleanse energy. To avoid anything close to Native American imagery in their shop, Fara and Kasey made sure to have all of their items checked and endorsed by The UNT Native American Student Association. They offer daily readings, so follow them on their Instagram page @bewitched_denton or visit to schedule an appointment.

Higher Purpose Emporium

505 W. Northside Drive, Fort Worth

Owner Lady Ivy intended for her shop to focus on community and education. This is the only witch shop that allows visitors to study with their books and to rent the library by the hour. All of the items for sale are plastic-free and ethically sourced, and they offer readings and teach various classes. In the back of the store, there is what Lady Ivy calls the “witch’s arsenal,” which is her apothecary of over 150 herbs and resins, oils, salts and powders. These ingredients can be put inside magical sachet bags, used for protection or to aid in spell work. The candles have no paraffin wax and are made of beeswax. There’s also a Hecate goddess temple at this shop where people can meditate, pray and offer gratitude. For updates on their next workshops, moon gatherings and sound healings, check out their Instagram page @higherpurposeftw or visit

Lightworkers Sanctuary

7336 Main St., The Colony
This is not your ordinary crystal shop. Come in to Lightworkers Sanctuary to meditate, relax and unwind. The only metaphysical shop in the Colony, this place offers more than just stones and spiritual supplies. If you’re looking to heal and elevate your vibration, they offer services such as an energy clearing ascension pyramid, an amethyst red light therapy, heated BioMat that comes with a crystal mask and the “Trinity Table” that allows for deep meditation. Each comes with frequency music and an aura cleaning beforehand. They also have “lightworker" healers, as their name suggests. Their metaphysical items include charged and blessed oils, positive affirmation candles, Himalayan salt lamps, gemstone jewelry, sage and sound bowls. Owner Denise Feeny says she intended Lightworkers Sanctuary to be a place where customer’s hearts will guide them to the specific healing modality or crystal that they need. Make sure to pick up some spiritual art by local artists. Check out to their Instagram page @lightworkerssanctuary or visit them at
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