Diamond Date Night Helps Make the Ring Shopping Romantic

Now there's a step for when you're engaged to be engaged.
Now there's a step for when you're engaged to be engaged. Rawpixel/iStock
Picture this: You and your sweetheart have been dating for a while, and it’s been going well. You’ve spent holidays with each other’s families. You’re (mostly) OK with each other’s cleanliness habits. You like each other’s pets — and more important, they like you. Things are getting good. You start talking marriage, first casually and then more seriously, and all signs are pointing to a clear and definite yes.

This is about the time when you also start thinking about a certain expensive purchase. You’ve been on the same page about everything up to this point, but now you have a problem. How do you communicate about the purchase of a diamond ring without ruining the surprise of said ring?

Enter Matt O’Desky.

O’Desky is the owner of the Diamond Room of Dallas, which specializes in custom jewelry in Dallas and Austin. He’s been in the business for 18 years so he’s pretty familiar with this stage in a relationship.

Often couples shop for diamonds together, he says, and half the time the person who is likely going to be the recipient of the diamond is the one who calls and makes the appointment, thus ruining the surprise.

It’s not ideal and O’Desky believes he has a solution.

“I wanted to create a step before the proposal,” he explains.

“I wanted to create a step before the proposal." – Matt O'Desky

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That step is Diamond Date Night, which he claims is the most romantic way to buy a diamond.

In the perfect scenario, the Diamond Date Night is a surprise for the ring recipient. Since the Diamond Room of Dallas is a private showroom rather than a retail store with giant signs and advertisements, there’s no immediate giveaway from the outside. That makes it especially easy to keep the venue a secret until the couple walks inside and finds themselves in a room full of sparkling diamonds.

This is only a small step further than what the Diamond Room of Dallas already does — its showroom has always maintained a private, appointment-only setting. Making it a date night just adds a little flair. For example, the couple could customize their playlists, allowing them to enter to the beat of their favorite song on the surround sound. They’ll also be served wine, champagne or mixed drinks from the bar, plus hors d’oeuvres to snack on.

And let’s not forget the diamonds. Each couple will receive the undivided attention of the diamond experts with plenty of time to learn about the stones and ring styles available to them. To cap off the night, Diamond Room of Dallas will arrange dinner reservations for the couple at one of their partner restaurants.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a surprise, O’Desky points out. Either way it’s going to be a fun time in an intimate, romantic setting. The way it should be.

“I like making events out of these things,” he says. “To me this should be a very private and intimate experience. It’s hard to get that with a dozen other couples in the store with you. And you’re not dealing with sales people. You’re dealing with diamond experts and designers who have been in the business for most of their lives.”

After the Diamond Date Night, the ring will be created based on the couple’s preference and the purchaser can pick it up before the proposal.

“Most of what we do is custom work,” O’Desky explains. “We’ve got stuff to try on to get ideas. A lot of people are scared of the word ‘custom’ until they realize it’s a really easy process. Too many people have to settle for what’s in the showcases, but that’s why people reach out to us ... because they don’t want to.”

The Diamond Room of Dallas is in the process of jazzing up its space so it will match the Austin location’s new romantic vibes, but they’re already booking Diamond Date Nights for sometime in April. Book yours now.
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