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Mavs Mystery: Who's Making All Those Awesome Dirk Shirts?

Is Dirk your homeboy? We bet he is. Especially after last night's amazing win -- C'mon, Dallas, just because we're an arts and culture blog doesn't mean we're not totally stoked that the MAVS ARE FREAKIN' GOING TO THE FINALS! IT'S RIDIRKULOUS!!!

OK, deep breaths. Focus.

You've probably caught sight of the "Dirk Is My Homeboy" T-shirt since the Mavs went for the big win in 2006. More recently, designs like "No-Quit-Zki" and "Future Mrs. Nowitzki," and even less Dirk-centric ones like "The Streakin' Puerto Rican" and "Laker Hater" have crept onto the scene.

The designer of the indie Mavs wear once resided here in Big D but has since moved to colder climes. That said, he hasn't lost his dedication to the Rowdy, Proud and Loud (we even caught him at a game over the holidays, proving he's not just some playoffs bandwagon fan).

So, where do these magical Ts come from? of course. Who's behind them? Well, we've been forced to sign documents (11 documents, to JJB specific) and run 41 suicide drills just to assure the Dirk Shirt mastermind that we'd never cripple his anonymity and only use his alias Rob Morgan.

In the process, however, we got some Mav-elous answers to questions about the design process, the T-shirts everyone wants and...Natalie Portman? Yes. It's all after the jump (shot).

If you love the Mavericks so much, why did you leave Dallas? I just booked my flight back to Dallas for the Finals. I will be printing shirts at my Dallas shop and making some appearances around town for fans who want to pick them up locally. Follow me on twitter @TheBigNowitzki or for times and locations during the Finals.

When did you start the site? I started selling my designs on Myspace during the Mavs playoff run in 2006.

Was Dirk Is My Homeboy the first design? It was the ONLY design. I didn't start making additional designs until last season.

What's the first thing you do when you sit down to create a new design? Before I sit down, I shoot 100 free throws. That gets me in the zone.

Have you ever met Dirk? No. I've met Mark Cuban a couple times... But who hasn't? He loves attention.

Did Natalie Portman really wear that shirt or are you just really swell at PhotoShop? I gave it to her so she'd have something else to wear home in the morning. You can tell she wasn't really happy I made her pose for a photo before she left.

Charlie Sheen? Really? Yeah, It's embarrassing... But the Cuban/Sheen publicity push was so easy to take advantage of... People are actually still buying them.

If you could be a member of Dirk's posse, what nickname would you want him to call you? Dirk has a posse? I don't care what he calls me... but I sure would like to call him a champion in June.

Have you ever been told that your Dirk fandom is causing you to resemble him? I have actually had people ask me why I am wearing a shirt with my face on it... But I've also been told I look like Pau Gasol... (not a compliment)

Do you find these questions "RiDirkulous"? No, but they do have great "Merritt."

Well played, Mystery Man Morgan. Well played. You win this round.

Look for Dirk Shirt in Dallas soon to celebrate the Mavericks in the Finals. Don't worry, he won't force you into layup drills to prove your loyalty, wearing Dirk's face on your chest is enough.

Check out designs at Visit Dirk Shirt's Facebook and follow on Twitter for info on Dallas appearances.

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