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MFFL: The Best of the Dallas Mavericks' Videos

(PPT won the theme song contest for the 2006 Playoffs, and it's still awesome.)

More Mavs talk on the Mixmaster? Yes, but we're not here to talk about statistics or match-up breakdowns or any of that mumbo-jumbo. We're here to take a look at some of the finest Dallas Mavericks videos, from the silly and nonsensical to the testosterone-laden and badass.

Now, we can't bring ourselves to discuss the creepiest one ever, but we give props to inspired fans like Flula. But, that would be expected when one pronounce Dirk as "deeck" and then shouts it repeatedly over a club beat for a minute-and-a-half. Big-ups to the creator of that video, a gentleman who went the whole nine yards and tossed on some lederhosen.

And to the Fresh Prince dude. The cover (and calling it a "cover" is being generous) alludes to Dirk winning a championship, which is a little pre-emptive (though we dig the confidence), but the sheer lunacy of this man's confused, seemingly uninterested voice negates all factual inaccuracies found within.

But what we really want to praise are the videos from, by and for YOUR DALLAS MAVERICKS!

Count 'em down with us after the jump.

Honorable Mention: Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Finals Promo OK, it's not an "official" Mavs video, so it doesn't earn a number. Nothing to say here but that this video is chill-worthy, both for fans of basketball and montages.

6. Mav-rifornia LOVE! While this video is fun to look at, with its flashy and in-your-face graphics, the accompanying song is seriously ridiculous.

5. The Dirk C'mon, people. It's all about the cans. That's Jumbotron brilliance.

4. Once in a Lifetime Jason Kidd as David Byrne is so wrong, but throwing down to Talking Heads is so right.

3. Dirk in Tron The movie was a box office shart, but this is rad.

2. 2010-2011 Game Open Video MFFL? Yes.

1. POWER The mimicking of the totally over-the-top Kanye West video is outstanding. Plus, it just gets us in the spirit for kicking some serious Heat ass.

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Merritt Martin and Seth Cohn