New Q Qard E-Book Lets You Speak Your Mind From Accross The Room

Ever want to hold up a love (or hate) note to that car crammed up next to you in traffic? Or geekily tell the girl sitting next to you at the bar that you think she's cute? A new e-book by local artist and photographer Danny Hurley (full disclosure, he's one of our contributors and staff favorites), might just solve all of your dilemmas.

It's called LVnH8 and it operates as a sort of flashcard system for iPhones, Kindles, and iPads and for $1.99 it can be yours. "It's a surprise little novelty joke that you could hold up and use to interact with someone," said Hurley, who has been chipping away at the prototype version for the last three years.

The blown up jpegs of text talk incorporate a human element as a punchline, and feature very phone specific phrases like: LOL, iLVU, OCUPY, USUK and about 296 others, so you're never left wanting for something to say -- or, ehm, show. He's planning a launch party for the e-book next month and we'll keep you up to date with the developments. The e-book itself is available on Amazon.

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