Oak Lawn Now Accepting Boy Scouts

Why is a billboard advertisement for 2-year-old Norman Rockwell exhibition at Irving's National Scouting Museum lately beaming down on Lemmon Avenue, just shy of Wycliff Avenue?

Earlier this year, the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America reversed a long-held ban on admitting openly gay Scouts.

But only a few short weeks ago, Oak Lawn, Dallas' most fabulous gayborhood, took a leap of faith by devoting high-traffic billboard space to the BSA. That move brings Oak Lawn a little bit closer to answering two long-held mysteries within the gay community:

1) Do Boy Scouts really exist, or are they just badly dressed unicorns?

2) Was Rockwell's depiction of an All-White, All-Male World really an ignored prophecy warning us of the 2013 Texas Legislative Special Sessions?

No one can say for certain.

This time last year, the billboard featured two smiling male twentysomethings who had clearly done some gym time. Today, that billboard is proud to serve as a broker of peace between the traditional imagery of a wholesome childhood ideal and the real-life home of many wholesome, happy Dallas families whose parents are gay.

When asked about its future and a possible run for office, the billboard said, "First, I look forward to attending this year's Halloween parade dressed as a poster for Book of Mormon. But in the distant future, maybe even next year, I hope to have George W.'s big shiny face smiling down on Lemmon Avenue, inviting the fun people to his presidential library. I know I'm not Cedar Springs, but we're really close friends, and she listens to me. So if I can serve the citizens of Dallas by uniting what has been divided, then yeah, I think I could prove that one little billboard with a dream could be elected to public office."

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