Pimp Your Bike, Win Prizes At Saturday's Art In Motion

Some of you troopers continued riding your bikes through the summer, despite the evil sky orb's influence. The rest of us thin-skinned types wait around for these temperate months before rolling up one pant leg. This Saturday at Art in Motion your level of alt/transport dedication will not be judged -- but how many balloons you can hook up to your handlebars will.

We're having a tricked-out bike parade through the Arts District, although if you're cruising around in a wagon, peddle-operated beer mobile, or any non-engine free-wheeling device, then you're more than invited to join. Throw some maribu on the spokes, dud the whole thing up with lights and out-pimp everyone else's rides. (There's prizes on the line, and the Observer is known for being an over-gifter, so they'll be good.)

We're all meeting up at the Dallas Museum of Art at 7 p.m. for bicycle registration and judging is at 7:30 p.m. From there, we'll all cruise over to One Arts Plaza where the Observer has set up a big ol' party! There will be food, drinks and live music by ISHI. Oh, and the whole thing is free. Yep, free. So get artsy with that plush whip and meet some new friends.


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