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Pottermore: 10 Questions We Want Answered

"Accio Pottermore!" For a full week, hundreds of thousands of Potter Heads have uttered this command as they waited for the unveiling of JK Rowling's website and wondered what it would actually be. The time finally came today.

Pottermore is an exclusive interactive website for fans of all ages, and the name Pottermore was rather self explanatory--more Harry Potter. JK Rowling will upload all 7 books to website for purchase through eBooks for the first time. Ever.

Here's the best part: The website needs you, the fans. You get to talk about the books with other Potter Heads in the online community, ask the questions you've always wanted to know that haven't been answered and, here's the coolest bit of it all, JK Rowling will unleash the chambers of secrets she's been hoarding about Harry Potter, Hogwarts and the series for the past 13 years.

Weeks before the unveiling of the website, JK Rowling, the sneaky and clever woman that she is, placed clues throughout 10 Harry Potter fansites such as and It was up to fans to partake in the virtual scavenger hunt that led to the ultimate prize, a deep pink website with a bunch of owls, Rowling's signature and a big, white, smack-in-the-face sign reading, coming soon. Aren't you lucky.

Everyone from your grandma to Harry Potter himself , Daniel Radcliffe, have been speculating what's next for the-boy-who-lived. No one would have imagined that JK Rowling would allow us into that masterfully-crafted brain of hers.

I've been a Potterphile since the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, so I will be adding my list of questions to the thousands of other fans out there once Pottermore finally opens to the public in October. Pottermore hasn't released its official launch date, but you can sign up for email notification for the launch on the website.

For now though, I've already compiled a list of 10 questions that I want answered because I'm a mere Squib and didn't get the honor of knowing what it's like to receive an owl on my eleventh birthday. After the jump, see what a true Potter Head is dying to know.

1. Why even bother giving us a prologue at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows if you weren't going to mention all the significant characters? Yes, we find out about Harry, Ron, Hermonie and Draco, but I want to know about the others like George, Dean and Luna.

2. When Dudley was attacked by dementors in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, what was his "worst memory?"

3. What is the back story of Lily and James Potter? How did they defy Voldemort three times, which ultimately led to their death?

4. When Harry goes to King's Cross in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the baby-like creature is whimpering underneath the chair, what is it? Voldemort's soul or Tom Riddle himself?

5. Do Harry, Ron and Hermione ever go back to Hogwarts to finish out school?

6. Harry gets to communicate with Dumbledore through the headmaster portrait in Hogwarts after he dies. So, if Harry finds portraits of Sirius and Lupin, would he be able to talk to them as well?

7. How is Harry so rich? Where did all the money come from?

8. What ever happens to Grimmauld Place? Do Harry, Ginny and their three children live there?

9. How can two Muggles have a child that is a witch or wizard? How can the Ministry of Magic discover that these children have magical powers?

10. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix how does the curtain work that Sirius falls into? Obviously he is dead, but why?

Calling all Harry-Heads, now it's your turn. What questions are you dying to know that were never answered? Who knows, maybe your question will be the one that propels JK Rowling to write an eighth book. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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Christina Mlynski