'Ryche Is a Cabaret, Old Chum

It may seem an uncharacteristic move for Queensryche, much heralded in the past as a "thinking man's metal band," to create a tour that is focused almost entirely on sex. However, the current Queensryche Cabaret tour promises "lust, dancing and naughty fun" in addition to a bevy of go-go dancers, burlesque acts, drag queens and even a juggler (what the...). This extracurricular activity will be going on all around while the band performs a mix of their best-known songs and some new material. And as if that weren't enough, audience members can sign up online in advance to be "participants" in the whole bacchanalia. It is unclear what the participation involves, exactly, but it's probably pretty saucy stuff. Yes, it may seem odd that the conceptual maestros behind 1988's ultimate concept album, Operation: Mindcrime, would revel so deliberately in that most traditional of heavy metal cliches, pure sleaze. It may seem strange, that is, unless this is actually their most deviously ingenious "concept" yet. That's it...Operation: Sexcrime. Genius! Queensryche Cabaret corrupts all at the House of Blues 8 p.m. Sunday. For more info, and to sign up to participate, visit Queensryche.com. For tickets and show details, visit hob.com/dallas.
Sun., Aug. 8, 2010
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John Freeman