6 Things To Do on Christmas Day That Aren’t Christmas-y

Santa doesn’t really exist, so don’t feel obligated to act a certain way just because it’s Christmastime in Dallas.
Santa doesn’t really exist, so don’t feel obligated to act a certain way just because it’s Christmastime in Dallas. CC0 public domain
Aside from death and taxes, you can always set your watch by the inevitability of Christmas decorations going up by Thanksgiving. No sooner are the Black Friday tents pitched that one can find wreaths, candy canes and inflatable deer in front yards all across the city — but not all traditions can survive the passing of time. For more and more people, Dec. 25 is just another day, and they are perfectly fine with that. Considering how tense modern times have become, who wants to bother with making the risk analysis assessment to decide whether saying “Happy Holidays” will get your Uber driver on a rant? Better to buck tradition and do something completely out of left field this year.

1. Go play Dungeons and Dragons and make some friends, you nerd.

Avoiding the holiday headaches doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go it alone. Instead, you can sally forth with a party of friends and strangers as you explore the cavernous depths of nerd-dom. There will be at least two sessions on Christmas Day looking for rouges, paladins and warlocks to join in on the fun. Just don’t forget to bring your own dice. You can role play like it’s a different holiday entirely and maybe even start a brand-new tradition for yourself.

2. Shout “What’s in the box?” and explore the Mystery of O’Bannion’s Safe.

Can’t think of anything better to do on Christmas Day? Are you stuck in Arlington at a family gathering that seemingly won’t end? Do you enjoy a Prohibition-era aesthetic? Then for just $30 each, you and a pal can kill an hour stumbling your way through this escape room that’s been deemed a solid “six out of 10” on the difficulty scale. It’s probably best you book this one ahead of time though.

3. Learn how to hip-hop dance like an adult at the DeSoto Civic Center.

If the holidays look a bit too hollow to take seriously this year, then spend Christmas striving to better yourself and edify those around you. Get started now so by New Year’s Day you can bust out your newly earned skills to inspire and encourage others to stick to their own resolutions.Classes are just $7 apiece with monthly packages available. The future starts now, and knowing how to dance is likely only to serve as a boon to any cause you decide to champion in 2020. The gift of dance just keeps on giving. 

4. Go people watching at a dive bar or better yet, a strip club.

At Bucks Cabaret Dallas, Christmas is just another Wednesday, when domestics are only $1.75 and imports a mere dollar more. It’s a rare breed that shows up for happy hour on Christmas Day, but in terms of pure people watching, there’s no better time to hit up your local hole-in-the-wall than during the holidays. Besides, who’s jollier than a stripper on Christmas? The 777 Club (a dive bar, not a strip club) off South Central Expressway is another definite candidate for the maybe pile. There’s a lot of wisdom to be found in Dallas’ dustier corners, and the holidays are traditionally known for bringing out the best in strangers.

5. Hang out with goats and do yoga.

When all else fails ... there’s always goat yoga. Hang with the coolest kids around (Get it? Baby goats are called kids. It’s funny.) as they strut their stuff in holiday-themed costumes. Goat Yoga Richardson is opening up their urban farm to the public and letting the goats loose to cuddle and frolic as you face your dogs downward. Best part is it’s only an hour, so have a cup of cocoa and get your chakras straightened out before dealing with any dreaded season-specific familial obligations. Be warned if you go though; it’s said the goats are liable to spontaneously hop on patrons, and lookie-loos are likely to be filming.

6. Just go see a movie. Little Women is playing at AMC Valley View 16.

Can you believe the AMC Theater at the partially demolished Valley View Mall is still open? Well, it's also still one of the cheapest movie theaters in town with $6 tickets for newly released films. Just be sure to mind the leaky roofs and skateboarding youths who will have no doubt pried their way past the plywood by matinee time. Also, maybe avoid that new Star Wars movie?  
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