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Spider-Man Spotted at Walmart: Geek Out Before The Movie Drops

Spider-Man is getting the "same great power and responsibility, new great look" reboot this summer in the form of The Amazing Spider-Man. It's swinging into theaters July 3rd.

You don't have to wait another month for Spidey to come to your neighborhood. The Amazing Spider-Man "Secrets Unmasked" Truck Tour has been crawling from Walmart to Walmart all over the metroplex, turning parking lots into playgrounds for the past couple of weeks. But if you're just now hearing about it, don't get your superhero spandex underoos in a wad - you can go visit him today!

Along with the past features - including a PS3 gaming center with an advanced demo of the new ASM video game, demonstrations of the new Spider-Man Hero FX mask and augmented reality smart phone app, a photo booth, giveaways, and more - it brings the world premiere of never-before-seen footage from the film and an exclusive commemorative collectible reproduction of "The Amazing Spider-Man #6" featuring the first appearance of The Lizard for the low, low price of $2.96 (that's a Rollback price considering an original near mint will cost you $3,750 - which in 1963 only set nerds back twelve cents). That combo pack also includes behind the scenes footage from The Amazing Spider-Man, a never-before-seen scene from the film, sneak peeks at the video game/AR app and more!

It's happening at 11AM at Walmart off of I-30 and Cockrell Hill (1521 N. Cockrell Hill Road).

Can't make it? Never fear, The Amazing Spider-Man "Secrets Unmasked" Truck Tour swings through DFW until July 15! Check out this link for a list of future Spidey spots.

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