Welcome to Paris on the Brazos.
Welcome to Paris on the Brazos.
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Country Living Is Giving Away a Waco Trip. That’s Right, Waco.

Country Living, a magazine that sits in a pine needle basket in your mother’s sewing room, is giving away a trip to Waco as part of its sweepstakes prize.

Yes, Waco, the town you pass through to get to other cities. The one that has recently been rocked by sexual assault scandals and biker gang battles. Waco is now apparently a trip destination magazines give away, and people are entering and excited about it.

The sweepstakes includes airfare for six and a stay at the German Schmear House, a private tour of Waco, a private tour of the Silos at Magnolia Market, a gift certificate to Waco’s Wine Shoppe, “Joanna’s Favorite Bag“ from Magnolia Market and “much, much more."

Joanna is from the HGTV show Fixer Upper, and people love it. Joanna and Chip Gaines have single-handedly made Waco a tourist attraction. How? Well it’s because of the Gaines and their shop, where they sell a bunch of stuff that you thought only existed on Pinterest. And then there's also all of the homes they have fixed up on their show.

Is Waco really worth it? Perhaps there’s something inside “Joanna’s Favorite Bag” besides a pillow and scented candle that we don’t know about. What does “much, much more” actually include? A car? A house? An actual vacation to New York City or London or — dare we say it — Dallas? Also, can’t we assume Country Living readers have already been to Waco? Maybe they could experience something new and different like ... anywhere besides Waco?

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