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That UNT Mug You've Seen All Over the Internet Hasn't Been for Sale 'For Some Time'

It was the mugshot seen 'round the world. A picture of a University of North Texas mug was trending on Facebook last week thanks to its awkward handle, shaped like a "C" and positioned to the left of the letters "UNT." See you next Tuesday.

Oh, did you think we meant an actual criminal mugshot? Who cares about serious crimes when there is an inappropriate university mug on the loose. 

Margarita Venegas, news manager for the University of North Texas, tells us the mug with an "unfortunate design" was created more than a year ago, but it hasn't been on sale on campus "for some time."

But here's the thing. Mugs with the same design have been around forever; or at least since 2013, which is forever in our books. A simple Twitter search will show you a black and white version circulating social media that countless people have no doubt purchased for white elephant parties, thinking they were being so cheeky. 

In August 2015, the official UNT Twitter account @UNTsocial tweeted that the black version of the mug is not theirs. Two of these mugs exist in the world, and UNT will claim the green and white one, but they don't want you putting that hideous, Amazon-sold copycat on them.
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