The Circle’s Chris Sapphire Knows Isolation and Has Advice for the Rest of Us

The Circle’s Chris Sapphire knows about being alone.
The Circle’s Chris Sapphire knows about being alone. courtesy Netflix
The Circle has been one of Netflix’s most talked about shows since it debuted in January. The social media-centric reality competition was officially renewed for two more seasons and has spawned new versions in the U.K., France and Brazil.

On The Circle, participants are placed in individual apartment units and aren't allowed to see each other throughout the duration of filming. Cast members' only method of communication is through a voice-activated social media platform called The Circle. At the end of each episode, each participant is ranked based on his or her likability, with the lowest ranked player being “blocked” or eliminated.

A fan favorite from The Circle’s first season is Dallas’ own Chris Sapphire, who notes that his time on the show marked his first time ever living in an apartment by himself. Filming took place over the course of a few weeks, he says, and although he was isolated, Sapphire was never truly alone, due to the fact that the cameras were always rolling.

“Those cameras are on 24 hours a day, honey,” Sapphire tells the Observer. “As you're walking around the apartment, they follow you everywhere. The only time the cameras take a break on you is if you have to go take a dump. They are not trying to see you in all your National Geographic glory. And then once you open that door, honey, them cameras are rolling back on.”

Sapphire is a regular on the Cedar Springs strip. His favorite bar is TMC, where he loves dancing to Anastasia songs spun by DJ Mateo. He describes himself as a “Patio Patti,” as he can always be found drinking among friends on patios.

"Bust open that bottle of Grey Goose, and next thing you know, you’re gonna feel like you’re in the same room acting a fool. It’ll get you through the rain like Mariah Carey.” – Chris Sapphire

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During the filming of The Circle, Sapphire learned that he enjoys being around people. In this time of quarantine orders, he is still adjusting to being at home.

“I think I’m just an extrovert that likes to chill out sometimes,” Sapphire says. “I love going out into the world, being on patios, drinking, throwing my head all the way back. I just love being loud. And so right now, it's wild having to be so quiet and just stay at home.”

While in quarantine, Sapphire is keeping in touch with fans via Cameo, a social media platform that will let you pay for video shout-outs from select celebrities. He is in a group chat with his Circle castmates, whom he says he talks to just about every day.

Sapphire also says that he’s been getting crafty in the kitchen, making salsa. He likes it spicy and says he uses “about 13 serrano peppers” for each batch. He hopes that one day it will be on store shelves.

For those struggling to get through quarantine, Sapphire recommends that each person take time to meditate. He also advises that we don’t lose contact with friends, family and loved ones.

“Get on all of those FaceTimes, Zooms and Facebook Messenger calls,” Sapphire says. “Reach out to friends and kiki online. It ain’t the same as being around your home girls in person but it’s still fun. Bust open that bottle of Grey Goose, and next thing you know, you’re gonna feel like you’re in the same room acting a fool. It’ll get you through the rain like Mariah Carey.”

For TV streaming recommendations, Sapphire recommends period pieces like Anne With an E, Versailles and The Two Popes.

“And if you’re bored, you can always rewatch The Circle,” Sapphire adds.

Like everyone else, Sapphire is looking forward to going out and celebrating once quarantine orders are over. He believes the rainbow crosswalks at Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs came at just the right time.

“When all of the queens go out after corona is over, it’s going to look like Mardi Gras and pride had a baby,” Sapphire says.

For the time being, Sapphire wants people to remember that quarantine orders aren’t permanent, and although it may seem like there is no end in sight, that it is important that we remain patient and hopeful.

“I just want everyone to take life one bite at a time,” Sapphire says. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Don't get overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and just take life as it comes. And remember, God is a good God. He says all things work out for those who believe, so the future is coming in like a beautiful bright disco ball.”
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