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The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 18: The Omen

OK, seriously. One of this movie's taglines was/is "You have been warned."


Also, if children creep you out in any way, Richard Donner's 1976 antichrist fright-fest, The Omen, will really send you in a tailspin, because this tyke -- Damien -- is a tiny boy-suit-wearing devilchild. Literally.

Oh, that kid. Those terrible beady little evil-possum eyes. The smug destroyer look. The incorrect way he plays with innocent toys and waves at dogs. All terrifying. Then, consider Gregory Peck, Lee Remick and David Warner -- all so completely recognizable that it's almost upsetting in and of itself that they're in this movie with the devil's spawn.

There are a good many ghastly and gorily fulfilling death scenes for the horror movie buff, even with 1970s special effects (or lack thereof). The at-times stunning scenery sort of fakes you out, really priming you for that "something wicked" vibe The Omen shares Rosemary's Baby.

I want to give the 2006 remake a look -- I was just made aware it features David Thewlis, so it's now required watching -- but I doubt that it can convey that unease the original does. Even with Liev Schreiber. But we'll see. For now, check out 1976's most memorable scene. It's after the jump ... all for you.

Most Memorable Scene:

Is there really any way to describe the most disturbing birthday party ever? No. Except to say that it's the parents and guests we really feel sorry for -- that little Damien was a real prick.

Also, let me just say that I'm about to wish my niece a happy 6th birthday and am really hoping it goes better. Thankfully, she doesn't have a nanny.

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