There's a Spelling Bee for Drunk Know-it-Alls at Dan's on Tuesday

God I miss Rebecca Sealfon, '97 Spelling Bee Champ.

There's little information so far, save for one lonely Facebook invitation, but Dan's Silver Leaf will halt musical programming Tuesday night and switch gears. They're throwing a drunken competitive word party for nerds who hate their livers, called "BUZZ BEE - Dentin's Ownly Uhdult Spelleen Bee(r)!"

Will there be prizes for good spelling, you ask?

Dunno. Like we care.

We're getting older, and other competitive activities like sports sound hard. We like a nice chair. A cold beer. And the chance to win something without A.) Standing up from said chair, or B.) Putting down said beer. Plus, we're much smarter when we're drunk -- just ask anyone.

The Uhdult Spelleen Bee(r) starts at 8 p.m. Call 940-320-2000 to sign up and/or harass the staff with your spelling acumen.

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