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Thin Line Film Fest: A Local Celebration With International Talent

Battle for Brooklyn is this year's opener for Thin Line Film Fest, Denton's celebration of documentary film production. Pulling a hefty load of 29 films, a combination of short works and features by local and international filmmakers, the fest stretches from this weekend through Monday, the 20th with a preemptive closing party scheduled for Saturday night, February 18. You can purchase tickets for individual films or be a full-on baller and buy a festival pass. Here are a few of this weekend's Thin Line highlights.

Battle for Brooklyn (clip shown above)

Eminent domain is turbulent topic in the context of highway construction and railroad development, but to lose your home and community for a new sports arena? Well, that's more than Daniel Goldstein can allow. He selected his Brooklyn digs because that's where he envisioned raising his family; his neighbors are priced out of New York's competitive housing market so forced relocation offers them a bevy of other challenges. But in America development dollars fit in deep pockets, and the hands that crinkle that green want to see progress. Will Goldstein's six-year struggle provide reward, or heartbreak? Check it out on Friday, opening night, to find out.


While Japan's indie music scene is directly in the eye of popular culture, China's often slides by unnoticed. Youth rebellion will always find sanctuary in loud, aggressive music and Down proves that a whole mess of acts are bringing it center stage in the PRC. Find out more about the bands, promoters, and fan kids that compose China's hard-slamming indie-rock scene when Down screens at 8 p.m. this Saturday. Individual show tickets can be purchased here.

Erasing Hate

Ouch. This one's going to be a rough ride. Erasing Hate focuses its lens at skinhead subculture and the violence required to keep up the rampaging lifestyle. The documentary follows the life and dermis of Bryon Widner, from his gravitation to and immersion in the brutal skinhead community and his eventual journey out. It isn't easy erasing the evidence of that warring wormhole, especially when it's written all over your face, neck and body, so you'll surely squirm as Widner has the graffiti erased. Erasing Hate screens at 5:30 p.m. this Saturday. Get tickets here.

Aquarena Springs and Ralph The Swimming Pig

Who couldn't enjoy a movie about a swimming swine and an underwater wonderland? San Marcos was home to Texas' first underwater curiosity, Aquarena Springs. Glass-bottom boats and mermaids were plentiful in this magnificent lagoon attraction, but leave it to the Lone Star State to also throw a dog-paddling pig in the mix. Get a light-hearted lift of Texas oddity at 8 p.m. on Monday. Buy a ticket here.

Check out Thin Line's website for the complete line-up, as well as full-access passes for the festival.

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