Here is John Cusack in Love and Mercy.
Here is John Cusack in Love and Mercy.
Francois Duhamel

Here's Your Chance To Watch Say Anything With John Cusack

Fans of John Cusack can stop waiting outside of his house with a boombox to see him and instead buy a ticket for the Majestic Theatre, where he’ll appear alongside a screening of his 1989 film Say Anything on May 19. Following the presentation of Cusack’s star-making role as Lloyd Dobler, the actor will take part in a Q&A, sharing stories about his career and answering questions from the audience.

The screening appears to be Cusack’s last stop in a tour of multiple cities, with the actor first making stops in exotic locales like Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Akron, Ohio. The majority of the stops on the tour are paired with his 2000 feature, High Fidelity, but Dallas is the only city on the tour getting the teen love story Say Anything.

Tickets will go on sale Feb. 1, but based upon Cusack’s other tour dates, the price per ticket should be somewhere within the $40 to $50 range. A limited number of VIP seats will be on sale that include a photo op with the brother of Joan Cusack. Be warned, if you have a baby, and that baby likes John Cusack — that baby is going to need a ticket.

Per Ticketmaster: "Please note EVERYONE MUST have a ticket INCLUDING infants. NO Cameras, recorders allowed. Phones and pagers must be turned OFF before entering the Majestic Theatre."

Everyone can agree babies have been getting a free ride for too long, what with being carried around, and not changing their own diapers and getting into movies for free. There isn’t anything stated about pregnant women having to pay for two tickets, so it’s advised to wait to have your baby after the show for maximum savings.

Buy tickets here.

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