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For $25, You Can Get an Elisabeth Hasselbeck-Autographed Book and Stories From the Former View Co-Host

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is at right, with her View co-hosts Joy Behar, left, and Star Jones.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is at right, with her View co-hosts Joy Behar, left, and Star Jones.
Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is finally ready to share her point of view with Dallas. On April 1, Hasselbeck will be at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake to host a Girl’s Night Out: Refocusing Our Point of View Together.

Refocusing Our Point of View Together? If you think that sounds like an informative night of speaking about women’s rights and growing together in an ever-changing world, then you’d be wrong. It’s a stop on Hasselbeck’s promotional tour for her new book, Point of View: A Fresh Look at Work, Faith, and Freedom.

Point of View comes out in the absence of Hasselbeck from our televisions, where she’s been a consistent presence since her fourth-place finish in the second season of Survivor. Spring-boarding from her reality game show appearance, Hasselbeck joined up with other scavengers trying to survive during her 10-year run on The View, where she became known as one of the more prominently outspoken Christian conservatives. Hasselbeck’s departure from the show opened the opportunity for her to co-host Fox and Friends for two years, before leaving in 2015.

Since her step away from the limelight, Hasselbeck has taken time to focus on raising her children with former NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst husband Tim Hasselbeck. But raising children can be boring, so she also wrote her new book, Point of View. The book’s official description from Hasselbeck’s website is as follows:

“In this illuminating book, Elisabeth walks through the times — from her national celebrity days to her newest role as CBO (Chief Breakfast Officer) — where she saw something differently than how God wanted her to, and the path back to His point of view was sometimes rocky but always revealing. Sometimes God's intentions for her were clear, yet other times she encountered situations so uncomfortable and blurry that she could only ask for His wisdom.”

Hasselbeck is already a best-selling author, finding success with her first two books, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, and Deliciously G-Free: Food So Flavorful They'll Never Believe It's Gluten-Free: A Cookbook. Point of View will mark her first attempt at a non-gluten-related book, with an estimated launch at the end of March.

Attendees of the Dallas appearance can expect in exchange for their $25 an autographed copy of the new book, along with an evening of stories from Hasselbeck as she shares excerpts from her new release.

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However, if you can’t wait and want a taste of what’s in the book, here’s a small passage also found on Hasselbeck's website.

“When the day came for us to report to the school library for our annual vision test, I stood in line obediently, smoothing my navy-blue plaid jumper over my midsection. I kept thinking, Next year I won’t be stuck in this thing. I’ll finally get to wear the fifth-grade skirt and blouse, yet knowing I was an entire school year away from that rite of passage. I felt we waited in line forever. I needed to stay focused. It was almost my turn.”

And really, can’t we all relate to that?

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