Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Locals

Ted Cruz flew to Cancún with his family as Texas lost its power this winter. This begs to be recreated as a Halloween costume.
Ted Cruz flew to Cancún with his family as Texas lost its power this winter. This begs to be recreated as a Halloween costume. Chip Somodevilla/Getty
Halloween is a celebration of self-expression, so why does every costume end up looking the same? It seems like every year we get our usual set of zombies, ghosts, skeletons and alien creatures making circles around the neighborhood. Look, we understand wanting anonymity, but at the same time we’re also looking for just a hint of creativity, too.

Halloween has become the comic con of the fall season. Costumes like Elsa and Spider-Man have topped the leading kids’ costumes lists for the past decade, and each year the latest batch of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and Pixar projects inspires the year’s top trends. Happy corporate synergy day, err, Halloween!

The good thing is that local events should hopefully inspire some more inventive cosplay from North Texas trick-or-treaters. Here are some locally themed costumes that we’d like to see this Halloween.

Devil Greg Abbott
This one should be simple enough. Just grab the dullest, most sinister looking business suit you can and stitch in some satanic details. Props to anyone who manages to incorporate Abbott’s latest foolish proposals within their costume.

Devil Tomi Lahren
Redundant, we know.

Tom Hanks’ Captain Kid
Tom Hanks’s Captain Kid stopped by Dallas to spread the good word of journalism and protect innocent children in the new Western News of the World. This would be a fun twist on the standard cowboy garb.

Snow Gear Texan
 A lot of us had to pick up cold weather jackets and other protection for the first time due to the record breaking icy storms earlier this year, so why not repurpose them?

The Creepy Doctor From Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Forget Michael Meyers, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise and Chucky. The scariest movie villain is the creepy Dallas doctor who helped Borat “reimagine” his daughter last year in order to become more “desirable” to gross dudes.

Kang the Conqueror
Look, if you’re going to go as a Marvel character, you might as well honor the surprise Loki bad guy played by Dallas’ very own Jonathan Majors.

Sir Gawain the Green Knight
We recently named David Lowery’s medieval fantasy adventure The Green Knight as the best film of the year. Dev Patel’s noble Sir Gawain is the type of hero we’d like to see more of this Halloween.

Zombie Young Sheldon
How has this obnoxious Dallas kid managed to stay on the air for five whole seasons? Let’s at least give him some undead features.

Vacationing Ted Cruz
Ah, our statewide embarrassment manages to outdo himself each year. We suppose you could also go as a “Skateboarding Beto” for a more positive spin on things.

The Haunted Satyr of Denton
Quick, before Hollywood snaps this one up! The mythic half-man, half-goat demon that haunts Old Alton Bridge is poised to be the next slasher icon, we can tell.

Professor McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey certainly has some characters worth dressing up as, including everything from True Detective’s Rusty Cohle to Dazed and Confused stoner David Wooderson. However, he did become a bonafide teacher for the first time this past year, so perhaps it's time for reality to inspire our McConaughey tributes. You could even get really ambitious and already start dressing up as the potential “Gov. McConaughey.”

"Shelley Luthor"
This should make a great hybrid costume: salon owner-turned-politician Shelley Luther and Superman villain Lex Luthor.

Post Mortem Malone
The name "Post" lends itself to many a pun. Both Post Mortem or Post Apocalypictic work for a zombie Post Malone. Or Post Office Malone, if you want to be wholesome. And aren't in a hurry.

Jenna Ryan Gosling
Conservative Realtor and Capitol crasher Jenna Ryan pairs wells with Ryan Gosling: they both live in La La Land.
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