Top Ten Kardashian Taglines For Khloe's New Show, The Mix-Up

Dallas' most high-profile new resident, Khloe Kardashian, has seemingly had it with simply being your typical reality television star athlete's WAG. Her move to the Big D, precipitated by her hubby's reportedly heart-breaking trade from the Los Angeles Kobes to The Dallas Dirks, is finally about to provide the questionable Kardashian with an opportunity to truly stay away from Barney's for at least a whole hour per weekday.

Beginning today at noon, Kh-Kard will provide the Metroplex's chapter of Desperate Housewives a mid-day distraction to accompany such things as "lunching, woo-hoo!"

The Mix-Up With Khloe Kardashian-Odom premieres today on Mix 102.9 (The Mix-Up, The Mix... I get it, now!). According to the station's website, Khloe will talk, text and stuff for a commercial-free hour.

Given this momentous occasion in our fair burg's media history, we thought it appropriate to dig deep into this new show's creative process as it has surely been many minutes in the making. While the smart money is on "Thanks, y'all; Remember, don't boo my Boo" to become Kardashian's signature sign-off, more speculation surrounds what the official tagline for the production will be. Here, we share the Top 10 Possible Mottos for Khloe Kardashian's New Radio Show.

10. Khloe is On The Radio, Because We Didn't Have the Cash to Put Kim's Rump on the Air!

9. We've got Dallas' Top Radio Star That Has Both a First and a Last Name That Begins with a "K," Oh, Wait, We Don't?

8. She's Tired of Depressing Her Husband, So She's Set Her Liner-Caked Gaze Onto the Metroplex!

7. The Mix-Up: Dallas' Newest Reason to Get Day Drunk.

6. We'll take "What Celebrities With Money Can Really Do If They Get Bored" for 200, Alex.

5. Get to Mixin' with The Mix-Up on The Mix, sponsored by Dallas Observer's Mixmaster and Skinny Girl Margarita Mix.

4. Listen to Her on Your Lunch Break, So You Can Loathe Something Other Than Your Job for an Hour.

3. Take Advantage of Our Special One-Hour Rates for Air Time. Khloe Did!

2. Noon in Dallas is Almost Morning Drive on the Left Coast!

1. We've Got the Third Best Kardashian Sister for the Third Best City in Texas or Whatever!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.