Dallas Fetish Ball Is Back and Will Offer a Spanking Booth, Torture Garden

This year's Fetish Ball at Lizard Lounge welcomes your kinks, so bring them, you dirty, bad, bad boy.EXPAND
This year's Fetish Ball at Lizard Lounge welcomes your kinks, so bring them, you dirty, bad, bad boy.
Roderick Pullum
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There aren’t many places in public where people could get away with wearing a gimp suit or fetish wear, but the 2019 Dallas Fetish Ball 20th Anniversary is encouraging people to squeeze into the sluttiest, freakiest and kinkiest shit they got tucked back in the corner of their closet.

The Dallas Fetish Ball festivities will get rolling on Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 14-16 at the Lizard Lounge with a Beat n Greet, where Dallas fetish freaks will have the chance to meet and mingle with some of their favorite world-renowned and Dallas Dominatrixes.

There will be lifestyle and accessory vendors complete with a spanking booth and special access to the Wheel of Pain before the main event kicks off. The weekend will include Torture Garden, one of the world’s largest international fetish clubs that has been organizing fetish events around the world since the ’90s.

“We are going to be taking a trip down memory lane," Lizard Lounge owner Don Nedler said. "I’m going to be revisiting all of the fetish balls we’ve done in the past. We’ve got a lot of nostalgia we are going to reminisce about.”

Rope bondage queen Saki Kamijo from Japan is a featured performer, along with freelance model Cervená Fox from Torture Garden U.S. Marnie Scarlet and Skinny RedHead from Torture Garden London will hit the stage to show off as well.

BDSM is an aspect of kink, a condensed abbreviation for "bondage, discipline, dominance, sadism and masochism," which was popular in the U.S. even before the movie Fifty Shades of Grey came out in 2015.

Of course, BDSM sex only happens if both people, or the group,  gives consent, and in most cases a safe word is used when the punishment from the one in control — the dom — starts to feel more like legitimate torture than kinky sex.

"Generally, in a BDSM relationship, there are fairly strong guidelines [and] it's all about consent," Allen TG, one of the directors of Torture Garden, told BBC. “A good dom is giving pleasure to the submissive, and that's what gives the dom pleasure. If it's only going one way, then that's when it's not healthy."

Paul Giamatti plays Attorney General Chuck Rhoades in the Showtime series Billions, a character who can’t even get through his day without getting pissed on or his nuts squished.

You don’t have to take it to the extreme to consider yourself someone who enjoys BDSM. If you like hair-pulling or spanking during sex, you like BDSM. Sara Martin, a certified sex coach, told BBC, “A lot of people start with something as simple as a blindfold, and it can be erotic and connecting. It doesn’t have to involve equipment or paraphernalia."

Jane Doe Latex and Torture Garden Latex will have models hit the runway to debut some of their latest fetish creations at the 2019 Dallas Fetish Ball. People don’t have to bring their best rubber and leather out for the Beat n Greet, but Friday and Saturday they expect people to show up and show out. No effort no entry.

“We expect this to be our biggest fetish ball ever,” Nedler said.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.