While in Dallas, Jean Paul Gaultier Shops Dolly Python

After seeing this snapshot of Dolly Python's lovely Gretchen Bell with the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier pop up on the store's Facebook page, we had to call the store.

Mixmaster: "Is he still there?" Dolly Python's Brian Green, without so much as a pause: "No, he left about 15 minutes ago."

We then IDed ourselves having been entirely too excited and, admittedly, cyber starstruck to do so at call's answer. Green was jovial and gave us a bit of Gaultier dish: He'd gone out for some Subway and when he returned he found Bell in a bit of a state. She gave him the news on their celebrity shopper and instructed: "Do not eat that sandwich until he has gone. This place will smell like onions."

Green accommodated and the pair attended to Gaultier during his shopping spree. "He was just a super-nice guy and he bought a lot of stuff," Green said. Among the items, many belts and a WWII laundry bag.

Bell's still in a bit of shock, but we have to give her props for totally owning that unexpected photo op with the fashion icon, who is in town for the opening of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the Dallas Museum of Art. As for Dolly Python? Well, Green did get to eat the sandwich after Gaultier left and confirms, "She was totally right. It smells like onions now." He's glad he waited.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.