You Can Light Up Cowboys Stadium in a Massive Community Art Project

Rochester Institute of Technology has captured stunning photographs of architectural landmarks since 1987 through an annual project called Big Shot. But what's unique about this group's approach, and what gives the night shoots their curious, ending glow, hinges on deviation from the standard. Rather than placing industrial photography lights around their targets, Big Shot calls on local communities to participate, illuminating the structures with handheld devices while the camera's shutter speed stretches out, leisurely.

Soon you'll get a chance to participate when Big Shot comes to Arlington to try its luck at the world's largest domed stadium.

The scale and height of the property, along with its reflective glass exterior are expected to cause site-specific challenges. But those obstacles are conquerable if enough volunteers are positioned around the perimeter and throughout the building with flashlights and handheld camera flash units. That, of course, is where you come in.

Big Shot will take the photograph on March 23, and it's hoping that more than a thousand of you show up to be a part of this community art project. If you'd like to volunteer, arrive at Cowboys Stadium by 7:30 p.m. on March 23 wearing dark clothing and holding either a flashlight or a camera flash unit. The shoot's organizers will divvy up the crowd into illumination squads and place them throughout the landscape.

Now, let's look at five favorites from the other 27 existing Big Shot photographs.

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Jamie Laughlin
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