Eat This

The Meddlesome Moth Serves A State Fair-esque Treat, Minus the Food Coma

The dish reads from the Meddlesome Moth's menu like a classic State Fair artery-clogger: "Nueske's Bacon Lollipops with funnel cake and maple hollandaise." Sounds like a food coma waiting to happen, right?

Slabs of high-quality Nueske's bacon are sliced about three-eighths of an inch thick and threaded on wooden skewers before being seared on the flat-top.

The finished product offers the decadent unctuousness of pork belly in conjunction with the flavor of intensely smoky bacon. The "lollipops" are propped up against tangles of crunchy funnel cake that are fried to a greaseless mahogany brown. Below lies a shallow pool of maple-tinged Hollandaise that bears little resemblance to the thick pasty sauce that typically adorns eggs Benedict; it's remarkably light in texture with a nice acidic hit of lemon juice to balance the maple's sweetness. When all three components are gathered on a fork, the resulting bite is shockingly balanced and not overwhelmingly rich: smoky, salty, sweet, crunchy, fatty, creamy.