Cafe Izmir | East Dallas & Lakewood | Deli, Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern | Restaurant

Cafe Izmir

This shop boasts it has the best hummus in Dallas, but what it really gives you is the option of teleportation to the Mediterranean or New York when you enter under the yellow awning. Customers can order myriad mezze at this sister joint to Café Izmir up the street. Among the most popular mezze are the falafel and tzatziki sauce. Try the cheese plate, perhaps a gyro or eegra or an eggplant dip. Wash it down with a demitasse of the rich, knock-you-off-the-stool Turkish coffee at the curvilinear bar or get anything for take-out, like the flatbread pizzas. Either way, what you'll experience is a sampling of the cuisines born at the center of the ancient world.