Alison McLean
Shepherd's Pie

Harwood Arms

Whiskey toffee cake
Alison McLean
Inspired by the pubs of the British Isles, Harwood Arms opened late in 2020, in the Uptown-adjacent Harwood District. On a street lined with shimmering glass and concrete skyscrapers in the most modern of styles, the scarlet-hued paneled and leaded glass windows of Harwood Arms is an eye-catching throwback to Victorian design. Step inside, and the welcoming feel of an English public house reaches out, as if to hug you in a warm embrace. Rich wood millwork is everywhere, starting with the bar that’s front and center, and the most illuminated part of the interior, like the hearth of a Welsh country house. Try a baked camembert cheese, served with medallions of toasted bread and a warm blueberry compote. The intense flavors of camembert may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the earthy notes of the gooey cheese pair nicely with the sweetness of the blueberries while tempering some of the cheese’s more pungent tendencies. Shepherd's pie has minced beef, peas and carrots nestled under a bed of delightfully light whipped mashed potatoes, and the dish came in an adorable cast iron mini pot. It’s a the kind of stick-to-the-ribs comfort food that pubs across the Isles are known for. Happy hour specials occupy their own section of the menu, with a quintet of small plates between five and six dollars. A small plate of Reuben fries has beef scattered within a pile of delicate shoestring fries. The potatoes and protein are held together with melted Swiss cheese, a creamy Mornay sauce and a thousand island dressing to create the perfect bar fare. It's salty and savory. Grabbing a forkful of fries and corned beef between sips of your beer quickly becomes second nature.