American Werewolf Academy Still Plugging Away In The Studio

Known for high kicks and good times.

American Werewolf Academy Still Plugging Away In The Studio

Caught up with American Werewolf Academy frontman Aaron Thedford after hearing word that his power pop act was heading to The Echo Lab this weekend to record some tracks for its next record.

"We're finishing it up" he says, before cautiously continuing, "...hopefully. We have a couple more things to record. It seems like it's taken a long time to do this, but when we're in there, we're working."

But it sounds like Thedford, drummer Tony Harper and bassist Jake Barnhart think they're close to finishing things up. The plan, Thedford says, is to finish recording and mixing the album by the end of next week, and then to ship the record off for mastering soon after. The hope is that the next AWA record--the first in two-and-a-half years--will be ready for release by late summer.

"We're all kind of tired of dicking around on this," Thedford says. "It makes it seem like we're working on an opus. In reality, it's just pop music." --Pete Freedman

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