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Area New Wave Act Mahteo Is Now Kill The Dance Floor

Local new wave revivalist band Mahteo has changed its name to Kill the Dance Floor. Even though The NuWave Republic EP, the band’s debut, was released just this past February, founding member Rene “Micky” Espinoza said the name had to change: “People used to think that Mahteo was either a metal band. Or they couldn’t even pronounce it.”

Along with the name change, the band has also added a new drummer (Paddric Ryan) and a new keyboardist (Bill Young). Despite all the changes, Espinoza insists the band’s sound won’t divert too much from the Joy Division/Cure/Echo and the Bunnymen vibe that made it so appealing to begin with.

“We are working on a new demo to give to Stuart Sikes in hopes that we can do a full length with him,” says Espinoza.

Sikes would be wise to accept the offer, as Espinoza has proven quite capable of channeling those chic '80s influences into an interesting modern brew that sounds like no other local act.

Not sure about that Kill the Dance Floor moniker, however. Anyone got a better suggestion? --Darryl Smyers

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