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The Texas Gentlemen have had quite the summer.
The Texas Gentlemen have had quite the summer.
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Six Shooter is a recurring feature in which we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

Tay-K 47 – “The Race”
In an odd turn of events, 17-year-old Taymor McIntyre has become an internet sensation because of the events surrounding the release of this video June 30.

Before that date, McIntyre was a fugitive wanted by U.S. Marshals for his alleged role in two separate capital murders in Mansfield and San Antonio. His name was already buzzing by June 30, but that's when it really picked up.

The same day the video came out, McIntyre was apprehended in New Jersey, where he was staying with a friend. The song quickly became known for its line “Fuck a beat, I was trying to beat a case; but I ain’t beat that case, bitch I did the race.”

Playboi Carti and Travis Scott have tweeted lyrics to "The Race" — Carti even played the song during his Dallas show — and the song has been remixed dozens of times. Tay-K’s project #SantanaWorld is one of Apple Music's top 15 albums.

Meanwhile, McIntyre is sitting in jail, awaiting trial.

DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts Feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller (Medasin Remix)
With Medasin's help, this is a great summer pop song from an artist at the peak of his career. (The names Bryson Tiller and Rihanna are proof of that.) But on its own, “Wild Thoughts” is flawed; the Carlos Santana-esque guitar solo is jarring. But our local EDM hero Medasin has resolved that issue in his remix, and Khaled’s a fan of it as well. Now we have a hit song and a shining example of how a remix should be done.

Zach Witness – “Keep Faith”
Speaking of fantastic summer jams, Zach Witness’ “Keep Faith” is another energetic track tailor made for the season. Witness teamed up with Jon Bap for this eclectic track that seamlessly blends hip-hop, jazz, electronica, soul and gospel. It’s a fun ride and a great introduction to Witness’ new work, Electric Revival: Rise of an Outkast Nation.

The Texas Gentlemen – “Pain”
The Texas Gentlemen have had quite the summer. The ever-evolving cast of characters has released a couple of videos and announced that it’ll be releasing an album, Jelly, on Sept. 15 via New West Records. “Pain” is a campy take on '70s horror flicks, but more important, it’s a fun tune that has us eager for the group’s debut album.

Devy Stonez – “Up The Stats”
Stonez has always been one of our favorite acts, but over the past year he’s really grown and developed his music. The biggest takeaway is that he has no interest in trends. Stonez's flow is confident on this track, which has an interesting beat and demonstrates his hook-writing abilities.

Jacob Parra – twenty first century misery
The most interesting thing about Jacob Parra’s music is that he doesn't like his own work. He’s shared this opinion several times on social media, but his subtle use of samples, passive vocals and emotive context makes us fans, even if he's not.

Extra Ammo

Sarah Jaffe – Bad Baby

Alex Harris – Foolish

Nite – Reborn

TripleDigital3 – “5 Ts”

Lee Bozeman – The Majesty of Flesh

Herrick & Hooley – “Validation”

12 Gage – “Indecisive”

Pierce Washington – Reservd

Never Friends – For Better or For Worse

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.