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Could Dallas' Lilith Fair Date Be On The Verge Of Cancellation? Looks Like It. But, Either Way, Norah Jones Is Already Out.

Those already carrying a ticket for any of this summer's three Texas Lilith Fair stops--including the Dallas show scheduled on Monday, August 16, at the Superpages.com Center--needn't proceed to get terribly attached to the flowers you were planning on adorning your hair with. Seems the Dallas date of the Lilith Fair is on the verge of cancellation.

While USA Today reported yesterday that things were hunky-dory on the performance-side of the trail-blazing, predominantly estrogen-scented festival as it began its schedule in earnest, other reports are suggesting that the number of canceled shows will grow from two already announced (the Nashville and Phoenix stops) to possibly as many as eight cancellations in the coming days (including the tour's Dallas and Houston stops). Reports also detail that a certain headlining act, North Texas' own Norah Jones, has already been handed walking papers for the tour stops that she was scheduled to perform, which included the Dallas date. A call and email to the festival's representatives have yet to be returned.

Interestingly, each of the canceled and rumored-to-be-canceled dates fall in August, near the tour's end. Citing the lack of healthy advance ticket sales as a key reason for the two confirmed cancellations, patience from organizers no longer seems in as large of supply as it once was, back when Lilith Fair ruled the summers with its initial run of shows in the late 1990s.

If these cancellation predictions come true, this would mark the second traveling festival to cancel a Dallas date in the last few weeks. The Country Throwdown Tour, which boasted a relatively meek line-up heavy on mid-level, national talent and mixed with regional big-shots, fell to the effects of keeping ticket prices low, while still covering the sky-rocketing costs of producing such a mammoth, nationwide event.

While it's become cliché to blame the slowly recovering economy for everything these days, it's hard to dismiss the lasting impact of so many concert fans reevaluating whether certain outings are worth the money or not...

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