Dada Co-Owner Ben Tapia: "We Haven't Gotten Any Money All Month"

According to Club Dada co-owner Ben Tapia, last night's visit from the TABC was "just standard protocol," and came as the result of someone "tipping off the TABC," claiming that the long-running club was going to be pouring drinks from unlabeled bottles as the result of financial difficulties, which Tapia denies.

The financial difficulties, though, he admits: "On June 5, we purchased a new P.O.S. [Point of Sale] system and, keep in mind, this is supposed to be the latest and greatest thing out there. Meanwhile, it's fucking up left and right. It left an entire digit out of our processing figures. We haven't gotten any money this month 'cause it's just sitting there in limbo."

Tapia's currently talking with lawyers to see how to get his money back. Which explains why Dada's showing up on this list of TABC delinquent establishments, which prevents clubs that have a history of being unable to pay their liquor bills on time from purchasing more liquor in the future: The venue's been unable to pay its liquor vendors all month long. (This link explains how someone gets on the list and what being on the list entails.)

But, Tapia says, the club will be open again tonight: "I'm on the way to the warehouse to pay for all that [liquor] right now."

TABC has little to add on the matter--Lieutenant Jeff Gladden says all investigations into Club Dada are still ongoing, and says neither he nor anyone else at the Commision can comment until the investigation (on whatever--delinquency or anything else its officers are looking into) is complete. Plus, the Commission's going through some of its own problems at the moment.

Update: Lieutenant Gladden checks in to clear something up: "The complaint was not a public safety violation--meaning no drugs, serving to minors, public intoxication or selling liquor after hours or anything like that. So, nothing to get too excited about."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.