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DFW's The Hack and Slashers: "What's More Rock than Rock and Roll? Rock and Roleplay."

Metal has always had a natural fit with fantastical landscapes that look like they were crafted by the hand of Frank Frazetta.

The Fort Worth metal group The Hack and Slashers, however, don't live in a world that looks perfectly suited for a custom painted van in the '80s or the cover of an early Ronnie James Dio album. They live just on the cusp of it, in one where warriors wield giant foam broadswords and the roll of a 12-sided die determines your fate.

"Basically, we wanted to start a non-serious band and I thought, 'What's the most ridiculous thing I could come up with? Hey, why not create a band that sings about Dungeons and Dragons?'" the band's guitarist, singer and lead screamer Jason "Slacker" Lacker says. "So it was a chance to marry two hobbies. It was more born out of absurdity, to figure out what's the most punk think you can do. What's more rock than rock and roll? Rock and roleplay."

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