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Eisley and Forever The Sickest Kids Both Release New Albums Today -- And One Of Them Has Already Cracked iTunes' Top 10...

If only from a commercial standpoint, today figures to be one of the bigger local release dates of the years, thanks to new albums from Eisley and Forever the Sickest Kids, both of which have formally released new LPs today. And, well, that much you should already know, as we've been following the release of Eisley's The Valley and Forever The Sickest Kids' self-titled album fairly closely, given that they both appear to offer up changes in direction for their respective acts.

But how are those releases doing as early returns go? Pretty well, turns out -- at least according to the easiest barometer of such information, the iTunes top albums purchase chart.

At this very moment, both albums appear on the chart -- and in none-too-shabby positions, as well.

Eisley's The Valley, the Tyler band's first full-length release in four years and first on Equal Vision Records, currently sits just outside the top 50 in album sales, coming in currently at No. 52. Not bad for a band that's been pretty far out of the limelight for some time.

More impressive, however, is this: Forever the Sickest Kids currently sits at No. 8 on the iTunes album sales charts. In other words? Mall punk lives!

And, in related news, we'll be catching up with one of the guys in FTSK a little bit later on this week to talk about their thoughts on the local scene, the change in sound indicated by the their new album and, because we're serious journalists, why keyboardist Kent Garrison left the band just before the album's release. So keep an eye out for that.

We'll also be at Good Records around 6 o'clock or so, checking out Eisley's free in-store performance, where we expect they'll push a few more copies of their new disc. See you there?

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