Erykah Badu To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Fresh off her amazing solo performance and crowd-thrilling guest appearance with Snoop Dogg at Bonnaroo, Erykah Badu will make a "surprise" appearance tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She'll be playing in and with Kimmel's Fallon's house band, The Roots, according to publicist Paul Levatino.

No word on which or how many songs she'll do, but some kind of tribute to Michael Jackson is certainly a possibility. Last night, Badu released a statement with her thoughts about the passing of the King of Pop. The full text of her statement is after the jump.

It's taken me a moment to grasp this ... I understand life and death are
part of the same magnificent cycle. But...

.. I literally stopped and broke down When I received 'that' text. Mike's
music lives in my DNA. It's bigger than tabloids...

..that music shaped me. The frequency is real My heart and artistry are
truly influenced and forever impacted....

Thank you michael for your hard work, dedication, philanthropy, & the
sacrifice of your young spirit. Your vision and imagination live thru us.

I don't know what to say.

When I hear his music it takes me back to a time, place, smell, event...

Even Say Say Say

Ooh lord ebony and ivory..

'I can't help it '...From off the wall.

Lady in my life ... umph

What a feeling ... What feeling ... What a feeling!!!

Annie are you ok

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